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04-05-03, 12:33 AM
I think diets are hard for many of us ADDers to follow and stick with. When I did weight watchers years ago I hated it. I thought the whole program itself required people to think too much about food and almost made those following become obessed with food. There was too much weighing and meauring etc.

I aslo went to nutrionist when I was younger and of course I got the message that I couldn't eat stuff instead the message of what I should eat. So my ODD behavior would kick in and I would eat what wasn't supposed to and then some.

The program where I lost the most weight was Nutisystem. It was great I really didn't have to even think about food because everything was pre-packaged. It was supposed to teach people what to eat in the real word. Didn't work for me though. And of course when I went off the plan I went way off...

I think over the years I have learned what works for me and what doesn't. I do know that I have to look at it as healthy eating plan (and life style plan) instead of a "diet". Of course like so many other things that we as ADDers know how to do it's easier said than done actually doing them...

04-08-03, 11:12 PM
Well I dont' know how I did it but I did it and stuck with it. As a result of medications I got up to 172 pounds. As a result of Atkins diet I lost 42 pounds. But I did gain 20 back, then lost 10. I was able to stick with it. And what helped me the most is when I started seeing the results on the scale. I also had a lot of support from people at work that kept telling me to hang in there in the beginning when I was getting discouraged. We also had diet contests at work. Two of them actually. And guess who won both of So money was a great incentive, especially with somone who has ADD and is awful with money issues.