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03-22-04, 01:44 PM
I hope this is okay to post here. It is my favorite thing to make.

1 can hominy
1 can beans, pinto or white are my favorite
3 hash brown patties
onions and peppers, cut up.
Seasoning of your choice

Sautee the onions and peppers until slightly browned. Add drained beans, hominy and the hash browns and seasoning, if desired. Cook until heated through. Eat in bowl or make into a burrito. Once in a while I like to add meat to it like hamburger or beef stew meat.


03-27-04, 04:53 AM

That sounds delicious. We like hominy here. I have some O'Brien Hash brown in the freezer I might try it with that.

03-27-04, 05:07 AM
Here in NM... they make possole with hominy. (very good)

The recipe does sound yummy Gidget

03-27-04, 04:23 PM
The one thing I can really make well is posole. Who ever heard of an Irish girl who could make posole?

03-27-04, 07:50 PM
LOL Flake. Who would of "thunk" it.

03-27-04, 09:41 PM
Mmm, I LOVE posole. Apcpapergirl, where are you in NM? I live in Tucumcari.