View Full Version : Curious if anyone has needed to increase desoxyn to 20mg to be effective?

11-11-08, 10:03 PM
I started desoxyn last week, before that I was on Dex, which I was having difficulty finding the right dose for any effectiveness.

I started with 5mg desoxyn, didn't feel a thing except that i wanted to go to sleep, real bummer. I did it agian the next day thinking I may need to adjust to it, nothing.

I then tried 2.5mg b/c I read somewhere that someone had a good response at a lower dose, but nothing.

Two days later, after speaking with my dr. I tried 10mg and still NOTHING!

I'm going to call my dr. once agian tomorrow to see if it's okay to go up to 20mg b/c I have researched that some actually need that high of a dose to be effective. But I hope not, it is so expensive!!

I've read such great things about desoxyn, which is why i wanted to try it and now........I don't respond like others, ugggg. I'm so bummed and $250 bucks in the hole!

Anyone have a similar story?

11-19-08, 12:15 PM
It took me awhile to get it to work too! I have found that it works best if I take 10mg in the am and eat something shortly after. It is not as strong as Dex or Adderall but it also has much less side effects for me! Which I think is worth it! Did you go back to your doctor? Have you been able to make it work?

11-24-08, 09:58 AM
bailee33, Desoxyn is much more subtle that Dexedrine in my experience, especially if you were taking the immediate release tablets either by themselves or to supplement spansules. In my case I rapidly developed a psychological tolerance to Dexedrine, in that as soon as the “speedy effect” wore off it was useless. For me the Dexedrine was effective only as long as it was “speedy”, and I was on an ever-increasing does that terminated in a dose that was counterproductive. I have taken Desoxyn and my dosage (15mg x 3 per day) has not changed for years, of course, it costs me $800 more per month than it did when I first started taking it. If you were on a high dose of Dexedrine, try skipping your meds for a couple of days if practical. Most importantly avoid citric acid as if it is the plague.