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11-13-08, 05:15 AM
I hate it. It happened without being told. I had things hidden around the place which i did NOT want them to see (such as a ritalin which a mate gave me because he gets two doses a day but only takes one of them - I need it for an exam or else i wont have a chance of passing it) But erm they just went through everything, I know why it's because i came home stoned off my face one time and they probably got suspicious. Their reason was getting the carpet cleaned, but they went through every draw, under the bed, under everything over everything inside everything, through all my school books reading them cover to cover and accusing me of many things (like writing notes to get out of PE, etc) I walked in this afternoon and basically shat myself. my room, even things i didnt want them to see was all over the place, I lied to them about that ritalin they found saying it's a special caffeine pill. Oh well but they've done this quite a few times for me and it effects me in a serious way. If you havent already noticed this is me on ritalin which as i said a mate gave me. Who else gets their room rudely gone through?

johnny s.
11-13-08, 01:45 PM
I was a kid a lot like you, now I'm a parent.

so I can see things from both sides.

I see why you're annoyed, but I also understand your parents' point of view.

maybe talk to them & tell them you would like to reestablish thier trust so that things like that don't happen again.

then, of course, you'll have to live up to your end of the deal - that is most likely, be honest with them from now on.

11-13-08, 05:37 PM
oh they're excuse was cleaning the carpets *cough* but the carpet was cleaned quite well. It just seems a weird thing to do at this time, they've never done this before like this and i dont know where everything is and running around stressing out trying to find if they've found this and that, etc.

11-14-08, 01:41 AM
I don't think my parents ever went through mine. It was such a mess they were afraid to.

11-14-08, 04:06 AM
Ok my son is 18 - I've never gone through his stuff (which is a mess by the way, he doesn' t have ADD but I could never justify me making him clean his room when I can't even put my own stuff away...)
anyway for me that's an invasion of privacy. If it was for the rugs then they should have SAID we're getting carpets cleaned next week so you had better straighten up your room and get your stuff off the floor. at the same time if they're worried about drugs, well...they care deeply about you. maybe try & have a really heartfelt discussion?

11-14-08, 09:44 PM
Another mom here.....

I have not gone through my son's room, but I have peeked in a drawer now and then, or peeked and sniffed in his backpack, just to make sure. But, seeing as I pay the rent check, it's my house, my responsibility, as well as HIM till he's 18, if I suspected anything illegal or self-harming, I would snoop in a heartbeat to protect my household or my family. I'm sure your folks had good reason to snoop in your room too, based on their observations of you, and they are doing what good parents do, tho it's still an invasion, remember you and the home are ultimately their responsibility. They are probably running around (mentally) trying to figure ot what to do what anything they found, because they care about you.

And, it is absolutely a BAD idea to take someone else's medication, not only for legal reasons, but for health reasons as well. Individuals on class II (controlled substance) meds need to be under a physician's supervision, because in someone else's hands, they can be harmful.

11-15-08, 12:02 AM
You should of seen me when i found out they'd gone through and cleaned it all up for me, i was a wreck. didn't sleep that well that night.

I'm planning to tell them my experiences of being on ritalin but don't know how they would take it. But however lately when i've been on it they've noticed this change in me and said they absolutely love it which made me laugh. I'm already booked into see a psychologist who is one of the best ones around, and had a blood test today, i forget what they we're testing for, i think it was my tiredness.

For some reason my heart rate only goes up when i've been exercising, it stays normal when i've had caffeine, and even when i've had serious doses of caffeine it's perfectly normal :) The only reason i've been self medicating is my parents deny that i have add as if i did i'd be out of control (which happens sometimes but i'm not hyperactive, i just never work in class and zone out during important exams, and had just about every teacher call me lazy and not living up to my potential). I'm on ritalin now if you haven't noticed already, i've ingested 10mg orally and i can feel it wearing off but i don't seem to get the withdrawel symptoms people here talk of. It's great cause instead of having a million things open on the computer i've got about two things open. I've asked my mate to not give me his medication anymore as it'd be better as you said to be monitored by a physician who know's what they're doing.

my parents went through my room very carefully, every draw they've organized **** so now i can't find anything around my room, they've gone right through my school books and accused me of writing notes to get out of PE (which is true, but i never used the notes as my handwriting looks like a 1st graders) and they've just generally accused me of everything wrong. If i went out and sat down and asked why they went through they'd give me a different excuse about it every time ranging from 'your room smelt, the carpets we're dirty, it needed cleaning' they would not admit they we're looking for my drugs and alcohol and other miscellaneous things. My safe was at the front of the house and when i tried to put it back they instantly snapped on and questioned me saying 'you dont use that, why not put it in the shed' 'the batteries flat in the safe anyway'(which implies they tried to open it, i use the key entry as theres an electronic override for it they no dought tried - also ripped the serial number off) I said back to them 'oh nothing just a few bank statements' they said back to me 'why is it so heavy' i said 'oh cause theres a brick inside of it'.

It is just really annoying and stressful that my parents are so unreasonable and annoying to me, i've got a few problems which i can see they dont care about, well they do care that i'm not happy after i instructed a psychologist to ring them and tell them that i hate them. I also found out that i'm kinda disconnected from my family, i've never quite been the social type (i do talk heaps but it usually doesn't make any sense at all). They completely dismiss any chance of add, to the point where they dont want to talk about it, i mean i'm only awkward quite alot(like the way i talk can get into awkward moments), lazy, unmotivated(I don't do drugs anymore, and havent for a while now), never ever do homework or assignments unless it's last minute or theres a serious punishment if i dont do it (usually i bull**** my way out with the teacher) but they dismiss any chance of it because they think i have to be uncontrollable and running around 24/7 screaming.

I'm booked in to see a psychologist as i said before, in early december so i'll be able to discuss my symptoms and then have one of the best psychologists around (who knows about add and all that stuff) tell my parents i've got it because that seems like the only way to get through to them.

If this post doesn't make sense well my excuse is that the ritalin is wearing off and about half way through writing it i started playing a game on my computer.