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mADD mike
11-14-08, 08:29 AM
Here is your latest results thread. I hope everyone had a good week.

Myself, I didn't gain or lose any weight, and I worked out Sunday and Monday.

My biggest issue this week was work, which has just whooped me. By the time I got home, working out wasn't even a possibility. When it comes to weight loss, I have to change my diet, but when LostInTheStars and I work so much, it is hard not to eat out because we don't even have time to get to the grocery or cook anything. Whew, it has been a long week.

Your turn!:D

11-14-08, 08:52 AM
(Just read the above for my results as well!!)

Lost / gained no weight. Worked out Sunday and Monday.

Not a good week, but at least we did some purposeful working out!

11-14-08, 09:33 AM
Well, I found those two pounds I lost last week. Sneaky buggers were hiding in a box of Oreos. ;P

Walked Saturday and hit the gym Tuesday.
Considering I also wrote a 7 page Macroeconomics paper, I think I'll go easy on myself for the lack of time and plethora of cookies. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do to get through... Lol.

I'd play catch-up today with a last minute trip to the gym but unfortunately I haven't slept yet thanks to some nasty allergies that are laughing heartily in the face of about a gallon of Benadryl. *ugh*

11-14-08, 10:44 AM
Weight: no change

Fri (I remember that I took a 10 minute walk at lunch - better than the nothing I thought I did)
Sat - nothing
Sun - nothing
Mon - ran intervals
Tue - ran 2.5 in 28:48
Wed - ran 2.5 in 28:31
Thu - walked at the mall at lunch (not great, but better than sitting on my duff)

Not such a good week exercise-wise. Have to do better this week!

11-14-08, 01:08 PM
I worked out on Wednesday and Thursday. This week didn't go as well as I would have liked it to go. I am rather disappointed that I didn't meet my goal this week but hopefully next week.

11-14-08, 04:37 PM
Sat: 30 min walk, overate
Sun: 30 min walk
Mon: 30 min walk + 90 min dance instructions
Tues: 30 min walk + 60 min dance instr.
Wed: None, overate.
Thur: None, overate.
Fri: None

For some strange reason I lost three lbs.
Hope it's not all muscle.

11-14-08, 10:26 PM
Lost 1 lb.

Started my yoga again but am still too tired to do anymore that 20 minutes of it.

Everyday I did the wagon ride thin with the kiddos, but we are going to have to start going up the road if I want it to actually do anything for me.

Oh, the past 2 days I have started to drive my horse for about 30 minutes. That means I walk or jog behind him or to the side of him and it seems to be getting my heartrate up.

11-15-08, 11:36 PM
Sorry I'm posting late- I quit smoking and my brain is frantically trying to adjust.

Walked two miles three times.

Aerobic rider two times.

I can't remember which days I did what, except yesterday I walked.

11-16-08, 02:14 AM
No weight change....walked 3 days this week and got back on the wii one day...still adjusting to my new medication and trying to eat better.

mADD mike
11-16-08, 12:20 PM
I quit smoking and my brain is frantically trying to adjust.

Good for you! I hope you can continue the course. - Mike

11-18-08, 12:23 AM
arghhhh! I spaced out reporting. again.
For who-knows-what-reason, I haven't been on here much.

I went 3 times last week -- just aerobics.