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11-18-08, 09:57 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions for someone with ADHD and Bipolar? Thanks for any advice or musings!

12-07-08, 08:10 AM
There are so, so many meds for both conditions but here are a few suggestions (none have been optimal for me save the adderall)

Adderall for ADD

for bipolar

Depakote worked great for me at 1500 mg. but caused hair loss. Made me kind of hyper and super-concentrated at the same time (I liked it)
Abilify I currently take 15 mg. and it has caused me to gain weight at that dose so I am probably going to switch to something else but does work very well for my mood and calms my anxiety/agitation. Also does wonders in the executive function department-- I am so organized it scares me!
Seroquel helps with sleep, calms me down dramatically, doesn't help my cycling so no longer use it as a mood stabilizer just use it occasionally for sleep issues
Xanax I hate this one because it causes what I deem "pockets of amnesia;" however, I do take it occasionally for anxiety/agitation associated with my bipolar and also to help with sleep issues (I alternate it with Seroquel)
Lamictal A lot of people really like this as a mood stabilizer and it seems to have fewer intolerable side effects than some of the other meds; however, it didn't work for me -- it caused horrendous brain fog that was so severe I couldn't function (I felt like the guy from Memento) and I still had a psychotic episode while taking it.

Good Luck with finding a med combo that works for you-- it can take a long time and is an extremely individual process. Fortunately there are lots of great people here on this site that you can share your experiences with and look to for support.

Ms. Understood
12-07-08, 09:49 PM
hated xanax 2. I luv klonopin though. but now that I am on Depakote should i up my adderall xr from 20 x 2/day to 25 mgx 2/ day?:confused:

12-09-08, 06:51 PM
I think one of the main worries is that if you take a stimulant to help with your ADHD, you need to take a mood stabilizer with it to control the bipolar.

01-20-09, 09:49 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions for someone with ADHD and Bipolar? Thanks for any advice or musings!

Just diagnosed last week with ADHD and BP. I was previosly taking seroquel for insomnia (100mg).

Dr. prescribed Adderall for ADHD (20mg which I hope is the "beginning" dose and he increases at my next appt) and 200 mg Seroquel. He hints he wants me at 300mg Seroquel.

Just in the last couple of days, I do feel better on this regimen.

03-05-09, 05:31 PM
I'm surprised he put you on that much Seroquel straight has really unpleasant sedating effects at first for most people. Have you had any problems with it?

For bipolar, you can be on a number of things, depending on the kind you have - if you're type I [tendency towards mania or mixed episodes] than you'll require some kind of mood stabilizer; it could be one of the ones mentioned above, such as Lithium or Depakote, or it could be something a little less standard, such as an atypical antipsychotic [Abilify, Seroquel, Geodon, Zyprexa, etc.] or an anticonvulsant [Tegretol or Trileptal or others]. You might be on more than one of the above. If you're type II or type I with significant depression as well, you'll require an antidepressant. There are many to choose from. You might want to avoid SSRIs and SNRIs, as there's some chance that they could trigger manic or hypomanic episodes, but even that's not a given. If you're type II you'll suffer from either hypomania [which is less severe than mania] or no manic symptoms, which means you might want to bypass the mood stabilizers. If you're atypical or rapid cycle, you will almost definitely want one to prevent that, though.

If you're on ADHD medications as well, you might want to consider a sleep aid, since stimulants have a fair chance of triggering at least a slight energy rise in you, or exacerbating any insomnia issues you have.

03-09-09, 01:15 AM
Good that you are feeling better on the seroquel.

I am absolutely frustrated with meds at this point and would appreciate any/all input/suggestions.

Diagnosed ADHD (inaattentive, biggest problem now is memory) and Bipolar ll, and anxiety dissorder. Have been pretty functional until past yer (at age 52), held jobs, without meds other than 50mg of zoloft and ativan or zanax to help with insomnia prn.

Have been unemployed since last May, 2008, and concerned mostly about cognition sxs getting worse. The ADHD meds (aderral, concerta, straterra, vivanse) made me get too hyper/anxious/flipped out. The mood stabilizers (lithium, trileptal, and depakote made the ADHD sxs seem a million times worse) But I only tried these meds a few days then stopped due to side effects (sleepyness, worsened memory, very emotional on lithium, feeling drunk) Gave the Deapkote one last try...past 7 days. 250, then 500 for 2 days. I was a wreck. Crying all the time (not my usual way), very sad, way more confused, ADHD sxs felt exacerbated. My friends were alarmed to see me like this. Actually felt like "checking out"

So off the depakote 2 days and starting to feel more alert again.

Any suggestions? THANKS, Mydsrtsky