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11-22-08, 11:33 PM
well I might have made a mistake with lamictal, having upping the dose from 30mg to 75mg a dat. I thought I was at 50mg before, but I think I misread the label or misunderstood what my doctor said. I'm pretty sure I never really understand him anyway.

So I started to hear that dead girl with the ripped up voice box in the Grudge. Sometimes sounds like its choking or throwing up It goes to being like a background noise kinda far i guess, to getting closer as I feel like it's in back of me, side, or front of me. Turning to music makes it get louder and sometimes feels like it's coming from my own throat! Sometimes it has this windy sound, like you'd think a ghost would make. It Happens all the time even if I'm around someone. So tonight I took a little more of a a step down. Last night I took 25mg at night, while in the morning I took 25mg, Tonight I took 15mg instead of 25.

So anyways, have you experienced it? Whats it like? if you experience it on a med, does going back down on a dose help or should it not be taken at all?

11-23-08, 12:13 AM
I overdosed on Adderall. Although it's probably a commonality that most ADD'ers have sensitivities to most things (foods, drugs, etc.), myself and pharaceuticals.. well, we've had our major issues in the past. Anyways, I titrated up like my doc said-- but in reality I probably did it at a faster rate than her given advice. I was pyschedellically euphoric and was walking my dog at 3 in the morning, watching what I thought were the pioneers sail in onshore (I live near the water btw).

And so, what does one joker-faced, over-stimulated strung out girl do when she sees a bustle of young men and women, tired and toiled from their extensive journey across treacherous waters do, you might ask? Why, she waves those god darn pioneers in is what she does!

Me: "Peoples of the North, you've arrived! What a pleasure.. I'll bed you in my quarters.. blah blah blah.

Yeah, I was really messed up.

Hallucinating is bogus man!! (Tricks may be for kids but h***, I say pharmies (pharmaceticals) are not for those who aren't willing to take tremendrous risks, many of which involve the very paradox of losing neurons in the process)

11-23-08, 12:29 AM
lol, thats great! Atleast you didn't hear what i've been hearing. I guess you have me beaten at seeing things. It sucks, I have to associate what the weird thing looks like in the movie everytime I see a shadow or thinking theres something next to me, as I turn so quickly I wouldn't know.. I have to take a xanax to fall asleep now!

11-23-08, 12:49 AM
Yeah, I think some sleep would be the best thing right now.

I've had auditory hallucinations a couple times from insomnia. Actually it happened last week. Sounded like a radio was on in the back of the house. Checked three times before I realized it'd happened once before when I stayed up too long.
I used to do ok on very little sleep and the occasional all-nighter but now I get really sick and start hearing things. Nice. :P

If it keeps up, you should definitely call your doc. But for now, xanax and sleep sounds like the best thing.

11-23-08, 01:17 AM
had that from insomnia with really bad anxiety, with a mix of ambien. I ended up getting sick, felt lke my throat was swelling up and itching. Funny how your body reacts to such things.

11-23-08, 05:00 AM
To hallucinate is common among people, even those without MIs, was what I just read the other day.

The importance of hallucinations is the scope of them -- how long they last and how weird and unmanageable they get.

The question is, whether or not that you actually get into a prolonged and clinical psychosis, in other words.

11-23-08, 04:00 PM
well right now, I can take it during the day, I know they don't exist and all, so i'm not as paranoid. When it gets to night time and I'm alone or have to go through dark hallways, I get scared. If I was driving at night I'd probably be scared too. Music makes it louder as I said, so basically nothing drowns it out. Doesn't really help when you lack the focus to do other things :/. When I go to bed, I find it the most disturbing, I'd want to hide under my covers, couldn't really ignore it. Somehow xanax puts me into the right state to be able to fall asleep quickly and not "think" about it too much, to not be really scared. Well that stuff probably helps anyone fall asleep most of the time anyway.

11-23-08, 04:57 PM
I have hallucinated wildly on street drugs.

...I took 270 mlgrms of adderrall 3 years ago.

it sounded like being under water in the pool...
....with alot of people talking next to it.

11-23-08, 07:37 PM
yea good explanation, lots of mumbling. Too bad it's mostly like someone is dieing for me. Tonight I get to sleep somewhere where I can leave the t.v. on, maybe no xanax :),even though that wouldn't be such a bad thing ;)... guess i shouldn't take my chances with tolerance.

11-23-08, 08:02 PM
I hallucinated whenever I had the flu when i was younger, although these might be closer to 'delusions'.

Not fun at all, I don't remember much but my parents say i was trying to cut my hands off because I thought they were blowing up like balloons.

11-23-08, 08:56 PM
hmmm that's weird... yea delusional is like convinced and conjuring up such a really crazy belief. Most hallucinating is knowing or atleast somewhere after that it is not real.

It's really hard for me sometimes to remind myself when I have so much anxiety and sad thoughts, that I'm not suppose to feel like that and make it so important. I always feel like my thoughts are justified, but then I don't realize they're not that justified or worth every second of my life when i'm not doing anything about them. A lot of it continues with losing a good train of thought. So ADD can be kinda delusional too, you thinking you're not paying attention because it's boring, when you'd have no idea really because you couldn't pay attention. I realized the other day, my mind is constantly playing games with me. I'm changing my mind, again and again and again. I'm getting no where by not picking one, even though there are several categories. It scares me that i'm wasting so much time doing that!

11-23-08, 09:40 PM
It's hard to tell
.....whats a hallucination?

is it acute perception? ....or hallucinations?
.......I often wonder is schizophrenics are actually seeing the stuff, they are accused of hallucinating...

we can't see xrays, or radio waves...
...but they are there.

Could it be the veil beteen the walls of conscienceness are thinner for some people?
....and "the other size" taunts us, because they can?

Here's a story...

......I lived next door to my old high school in atlanta...
me and my ex used to walk his dog around it
......... but, the dog would'nt go near the batting cage..

it would bark and back away from there...

we went and sat on the bleachers facing it..on a full moon...the field was lit up with it. bf you see it?

I looked at the batting cage and said ...a rolling rape scene?


we sat there and watched this ghost girl get raped over and over by four
ghost guys for an hour in horror.

......we and the dog were sober.....

so.... I got obsessed with it!

I was back every night for a month...

....alone and with all my friends .

I could'nt belive it. ...the whole football field was haunted as hell.

I found several other ghosts.

.......when you walked up to the gate , there was a figure in the bleachers across the field.
when you walked to the bleachers it was gone...
................and there was a person standing at the gate.

when you look up at the empty box that the announcer sat in...
..........figures moved around in the shadows.

my friends started warning me to stay away from the spooks there.......
........... it was bad......and I was warned by some of my more perceptive friends
they would follow me home...


.........this started where everytime I went to sleep...

in the twillight between awake and asleep.. screaming would wake me up.

it sounded like the beginning of pink floyds "breathe"...or .."the wall"
..............with the chopper noise then AAAAHHHHHHHHH!

it didnt stop till I moved from that apt. they followed me weird is that ?

I have seen so many ghosts it surprises me when others havent.
not recently tho....luckily.

they cant hurt you but they make you very nervous.
..........the whole town knows about the school....its urban legend there.
the kids know.

......the apts I lived in were 50 years old and alot of people died there!
I saw one and heard one..

........the school...boarded up the tool shed and batting cage now.

11-23-08, 10:12 PM
That's the most horrifying ghost story I've ever heard. Crazy.. must of been horrible to know it was real in your appt. I've seen a few ghosts before.
I am having a hard time reminding myself it's not real sometimes and kinda run to annoying room or hurry at what i'm doing because i feel so stuck with it. Lol I was kinda thinking like thaat, scaring myself for a little bit after I saw the movie! Lately if I see a white shadow in the window from something else I'm thinking its that face and I have to keep going back and figure out where it's from to know it's not real.I can't get up and see what direction it's from because I'll usually be in presence with my grandmother, so I try to not make it so obvious how seriously I am taking it.

It actually is kinda humorous at times when i'm driving in mid day light and i'm listening to music with the noise, kinda a weird mix! Bleh but right now I'm hearing some moaning along with the other and it's the evening. I think sometimes it is "trying" to say something, but glad I have a short attention span. I'm hoping it will stop in another day or two? I thought it would atleast be less continuos by now, since tonight would be the third night i went down from 75:/, The only other med that would do it would be doxepin, and I've been taking it for awhile even though it's been tweaked.

11-23-08, 11:28 PM
I usta tell the shadow people to go watch tv and leave me alone.

....I just ignore the voices, till they have decent imput.


11-24-08, 01:16 AM
lol thats great! I'm getting used to them too, but not when I try to sleep, I guess I'm not overstimulated by something else, that I hear it a little bit more

and yea when they have some imput of speech, thats when you're like oh **** is this real?

11-24-08, 01:17 AM
it's real to you. are'nt crazy yer a fire engine...whooooooooo whoooooooooo!