View Full Version : Anyone know or can provide to me a template of a good workflow for managing time??

11-25-08, 12:34 AM
Before I lose motivation or forget could anyone PLEASE help refer me to some charts/templates that represent good examples of a daily time management??

Please help!


11-25-08, 01:45 AM
You need to find a way that is comfortable for you. Try to determine a strategy, then figure out a means to follow the strategy you can stick with.

1. Here are some online resources to develop a strategy
2. Are you a paper or gadget geek kinda person?

Can you remember to carry a paper calendar with you all the time?
Try a pocket size calendar you can get at a good office supply store. They are sometimes called an 'agenda.'
Are you at your computer much of the day?
Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iWantSandy all have online calendars and to-dos that can send text and email reminders. Google and iWandsandy can send daily digests with todos.
iwantsandy can accept calendar and todo requests FROM a text message or by by email.
They all are able to handle repeating events (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
Do you have a cell phone with a simple calendar?
That may be enough.
Do you have a PDA/iPhone?
There are usually a bunch of applications built in or for a low price. When I had a palm pilot, I used DateBk application. Wonderful, most powerful todo function integrated with calendar (rolled forward a scheduled to do until it is completed) Also pretty easy to live with reminders. Some reminder software are either too easy to ignore or too much of a nag. Since I was OCD about checking my PDA calendar, I opted for a simple cell phone with reminders provided by iWantSandy (for home) and Yahoo (for work).

Whatever you choose, pick a method that you think you can follow, not just for the sizzle. I've fallen for the 'oooo, shiny' allure because I'm a sucker for buying the latest and greatest gimmick. Some of my most organized ADD/OCD friends just use a paper agenda that fits in a coat pocket and costs about 2-4$ for a calendar that can handle a couple of years worth of speaking engagements.

Once you decide, force yourself to go through the calendar and to do regime you choose in he morning or evening every day. You may need to set a reminder to remind you to look at your reminders until you can remember to check your reminders without being reminded:D.

In my experience, it takes about 4 weeks to change a habit. After a while, your calendaring will be as natural to you as remembering to carry wallet and keys. (about the only things I can remember to keep with me are my wallet, keys, cellphone and iPod; not that I don't put them in the refrigerator from time to time).

11-25-08, 09:23 AM
Thanks for the info !!!!!!!:D

11-26-08, 03:15 AM

iWantSandy is going off line permanently in December

Remember the milk ( many of the same features (update by web, email or text message, reminders by email and or text message, twitter interface)