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11-28-08, 02:22 AM
My doc has suggested clonidine to help me sleep
I am on dexedrine 30mg

I am always looking for the softer option when it comes to drugs
(ie does the job with less negatives)

Recently I read that a nutritional supplement called Agmatine (sold on nutiriton sites for body builders etc) operates on excatly the same receptors as clonidine and has many other positive effects with few if any side-effects at recommended doses

Any body out there with experience of both?

12-02-08, 02:38 AM
Clonidine is a specific alpha-2 agonist.

Agamatine is an amino acid (basic building block) which is an alpha-2 agonist, but also antagonizes NMDA recetors (like ketamine) and has a number of other effects on proteins, ion channels, NO creation rates.

Clonidine is a novel sleep aid, but has a long half life. I found it had to be taken ~14 hours before I needed to wake up (or in smaller dosages). It also has a reverse rebound (opposite to rebound from stimulants) which would make me leap out of bed. However it was difficult to time and I would often wake up too earily or too late. Clonidine is one of the only drugs which increases deep sleep duration (stage 3,4). Most sleep aids only increase stage 2 sleep.

I had an improved memory effect from clonidine. I believe this decrease in memory function was due to low alpha2 stimulation from low levels of NE. Which explains some of my ADHD-PI SCT symptoms.



lol @ wiki

The term "agmatine" was coined in 1910 by Albrecht Kossel (, the German scientist who first identified the substance in herring sperm.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-0>[1] (</SUP>

12-13-08, 07:00 AM
Thanks for the info Bob,
I guess it is going to be a personnel trial of both substances to see how they go on a comparative basis

interesting the timing issues with clonidine and that it made some cognitive improvements for you. I hope it is not like seroquel which even at 25 ml doses at 11 pm bedtime left me wasted until 3 pm the next afternoon.

The added effect of NMDA antagonism with agmatine may be interesting given my increasing tolerance with dex use

Given the 14 hr slot for clonidine, and my need to rise at 6.30 am, this would mean taking a 50 - 100 mcg dose at 4.30 pm the previous day. Wont this this leave me wasted from 5 pm until bed time at 11 pm? A time I often get a lot done in at present.