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11-30-08, 02:08 AM
try it sometime and then post. Here's my work. Please critique.

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March 19, 2006

Thoughts 2

The only time i can really say that i really care about thet honesty of the people is when the music is blaring so loud that the messages are inconceivable to the many millions who missed the thought about the one true and only. So how can the internal ideas be spewed forth with some much intensity that the loud banging in my ears causes massive abbrasions to the inner lining of the eternal energy?
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Thoughts 3

What is the only way to see little words inside the heart of the darkened man then see's himself.
Not as the thing to modify the ways of seeing the people
Can always be so pretendish.
Know the test to be the test which I cannot really behave in matters that pertain to the logistical judge pounding the heart to the stake
As the juicy blood flows like a red river onto the crows back.

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what are we doing here? i wanna play.

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post creative writing. provide subjective feedback.