View Full Version : 60 (2a+2c) Eurodisney daytrip (travel and entry included)

12-01-08, 05:27 AM
Hiya -

For all of us who'll never be able to afford the prices which Eurodisney charges
2 adults + 2 children 60.00 *here (*

(a friend of my wife recently paid 1000 for 5 days on site for 2A + 2C excluding transport)

(if codes are needed they are available on the forums at

The 60.00 pays for

A ferry return trip
Food for children on the two legs of the trip
Entry into both Eurodisney parks

(so that's everything apart from the cost of petrol and motorway tolls
- if tolls are payable)

This'll be the schedule you'll need to keep to:
3 am ferry -> 1.5 hour ferry trip -> 3 hour drive -> spend the day there -> and then return by midnight (I think)

I think that we need to be on both legs of the ferry trip during a midnight to midnight span (this is the one aspect of the deal which I need to clarify).

Don't worry about driving in France
- it's not hard -
we were worried first time around -
-and just kept repeating 'driver next to pavement' as we drove

- second time around it was second nature.

Cars enter motorways from your right (if you're on the motorway) - and the slow lane is on the right -
all the mirror image of the British way.

At r/bouts we turn right and not left -
- and that's about it :-)

I'm off to find a website which lists the motorways without tolls payable and another which lists cheap places to buy petrol/diesel.

The last time we were in France we found that diesel was much cheaper over there (though the pound is currently feeble against the euro) and that diesel was cheaper than petrol (unlike in the UK where it's the other way around).

Because it's too expensive to buy pre-prepared and pre-cooked food (and we don't know what's in it) - we've moved to using a camping stove now - I bought a Trangia dual gas / methylated spirit system 20 years ago - and it's still fine
- much more fun for the kids

we cook for ourselves when out - it has the feel of camping to it.

The day needs to be booked by 15th/16th December for a date within a restricted period in 2009


I think that this isn't the sort of deal we'll see on a regular basis -
because it's being 'sold' as a very special offer for Eurodisney's 15th birthday.

Presumably we'll have to wait another 5 years before we can get in for such a reasonable price again.

12-02-08, 08:44 AM
Michelin has a site which can give us a route to travel
UK -> France
with zero toll$ payable -
- the route (without tolls) to Eurodisney (East of Paris) is perfectly parallel to the toll route - you'll save 25 euros by taking it.

Also -
- you are allowed to book more than 1 trip using the scheme.

A better 50 spent on our kids
- better than the usual plastic waste which pervades the adverts between kiddy programs on television.