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12-01-08, 03:18 PM
Calling all Montrealers!
I was wondering if any of you have a doctor that knows about prescribing drugs for ADD? My daughter is now eighteen and is no longer able to go to her pediatrican (he was useless anyway). She's had bad side effects and is anti-drug, but if she doesn't get some help she is going to blow her year at CEGEP. I know getting a doctor is hard enough in this province but at this point I'll put her on a waiting list! I'm watching her go downhill and I feel so helpless!

Thanks for your time!

09-01-09, 12:09 PM
AFAIK, she can go to a psychologist at the CEGEP (if they have one) and they can refer her to a psychiatrist. They should see enough young people with ADHD that they should have names to offer. Otherwise, could she get in a appointment with your PCP? Mine doesn't believe in Adult ADHD, but was willing to write a referral to a neuro-psychiatrist that prescribed me some meds.

ETA: Oops, I just when this was posted. Oh well, the information can still be useful to other people, I hope.

09-01-09, 12:31 PM

See if this helps any......I don't know how Canadian medical system works, if it is different fro USA, but hope this helps you.