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12-04-08, 07:05 PM
Question: i have ADHD, and im able to get my homework done resonably quickly after school with my medicine. my two best friends, who are twins, don't have ADD/ADHD, that they know of, but they can stay up past midnight doing their homework. they're also alot more distracted than i am, most of the time. this could be that my medicine makes me stay SUPER focused on homework, but it seems that even without my medicine, im more focused on what we're doing. it also could be that they're over achievers, but i dunno.

ex.: we were cleaning up from dinner last night and the tv was on. i was showing my other friend how to put more soap in the scubby brush and i turned around and one of them was standing staring at the tv like she was hypnotized. all i had asked her to do was put the walnuts that were in front of her away in the drawer two steps away. i feel really bad when i say "hello? hello? come on lets go" and i know im being really naggy but we did need to clean up because their ride home was coming soon.

so, really, the question is: what can i do to help them stay focused on what they need to do without being such a nag?

12-04-08, 08:48 PM
why do you feel you're responsible for this?
sounds like you're a teenager. i think typically, teenagers/kids get distracted easily, especially when it comes to TV. I'm not saying they're all ADD-like but we all get distracted in varying levels.

12-07-08, 05:19 PM
because my friends are so distractable, its hard to do anything with them. like, the other day, they wanted to come over to help me cook and they got to my house 2-3 hours after they said they were going to come. also, i get angry at them because they can't concentrate, which makes me mad at myself because i know im being a nag and i HATE nags.