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12-06-08, 02:45 AM
Well, last week I took a sleep test (polysomnogram) due to my excessive falling asleep in class. Some months before that I was perscribed a drug called Provigil, which helped me a lot, but the problem is it's $400 a bottle and the insurance denied it. So I had to get a sleep test to see if I qualified.

I did the nighttime test, which showed I was negative for sleep apnea (which actually suprised me because I snore and suspected that). So they did a daytime test for narcolepsy in which every 2 hours I would nap for 30 minutes.

Now, I still have to wait another week or so for the "BIG IMPORTANT DOCTORS" to analyze the results, but from what the guy running the test could tell, I most likely have narcolepsy (so the insurance will have to cover the Provigil :D).

Basically what happens in a normal person when they sleep is that they have a period of slow frequency brain waves, followed by what's called "REM (Rapid Eye Movement sleep", in which the brain becomes active and you dream. You then go into non-REM sleep. A person with narcolepsy, however, will go into REM sleep right away. Which apparently screws everything up and I fall asleep a lot during the day at inappropriate times.

So even though the Provigil works pretty well, is there anything relatively easy I can do myself to help me manage, if anybody else has this condition?