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mADD mike
12-12-08, 11:13 AM
Boy, do I have a story for you. Sorry I didn't get this thread posted last night as usual, but things around here are crazy. Why do I attract insane scenarios? So, you all know that I've been sick now for 3 weeks or so. I'm finally over the flu, but I can't hear out of either ear very well, as they are plugged, and I'm coughing up stuff that I'd rather not talk about. Good times.:rolleyes:

To make matters infinitely worse, we got a visit from the police last Thursday. My wife, LostInTheStars, got a vist from 2 officers, claiming that she was involved in a hit and run accident. That is very serious, as penalties here in Indiana carry up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine!:eek:

She was not involved, but a married couple claim to have followed the car that was to our house. They saw my wife get out of the car, because she had gone out at that time to get us some food for dinner. However, she was never on the road in question, nor at that intersection, as we always go a back way to where we are going to avoid traffic, especially Christmas traffic, on the main drag through town. It has been a VERY STRESSFUL time, with my wife being falsely accused. We have no damage to our car, according to the 911 tapes that we got just yesterday from our lawyer, the lady whose car got hit keeps saying that "guy" just hit me. My wife is clearly not a guy. The witnesses did the right thing in trying to help, but in doing so and making a mistake, now not only did the girl that got hit get hurt, but now they're hurting us as well. The only thing my wife is guilt of is buying White Castle for dinner, and arriving home at a time when people were out looking for a hit and run driver. This has been a horrible circumstance, and is taking my mind and time away from everything else.

So, if you don't see me posting updates in medals and such, please forgive me. Right now we are fighting our own insurance company that is threatening us to file a claim for a wreck that my wife was not in, because it was very little damage (under $1000) to the other person's car, and they would just like to pay it and get it over with. Never mind the fact that if we file a claim it looks like we did something wrong. They only care about money, not people, in this case, my wife. We're running between work and our lawyer, who keeps finding new and interesting holes in this case against my wife. We can't drive our car now, for fear that something would legitimately happen and throw this whole case off. We are already out $750 to a lawyer for an accident that we were never part of, money that we can never recover. And the stress is overwhelming. My wife deals with it well because she's an inattentive and can kind of forget about it a bit, but my mind is very hyperactive and obsessive, and I can't get my focus off of this subject. It just runs round and round in my mind, 24/7, and is driving me crazy with the horrible scenarios that run through.

Sorry guys and girls, but I needed to vent a bit:o. I also wanted you to know what's up so that you don't think I'm just slacking on keeping everything together here. Right now I just have a LOT on my plate.

Now, down to the good news.:D

I have lost 8 pounds, and I managed to work out by playing Wii sports a few times this past week.

I decided that I would use the flu to make diet changes. I wasn't sick to my stomach, as I rarely get that way, so I didn't lose weight by the way a lot of people might with the flu. However, I wasn't as hungry, so I've used this experience to curb my appetite, and it seems to be working. I'm just not going to go back to eating as much as I did before. Might as well make something good happen out of all of this. So, I don't eat quite as much, try to make a little bit better choices, and I'm back to work now which helps too.

12-12-08, 11:24 AM
Wow. That's incredible... in a very bad way. I'm so sorry you both are facing this! I do hope that the lawyer is able to prove that she wasn't involved. I'm sure this is so stressful. I'd be going outta my mind with it too. I wish you both the best.

I've been sick all week.. it's been awful. My 2 year old is also sick so I haven't done really anything all week as far as exercise goes. :( I hope I'm feeling better soon so I can hop back on the "wagon". I'm going to attempt a hike in the morning. Hopefully I'm up for it.

Last weekend was a race weekend (motorcycles) for my hubby so we didn't do any hiking or MTB riding.

I lost 1 lb. I didn't "earn" it though. :S

Have a great week everyone! :)

12-12-08, 11:33 AM
You know what?

Considering the fact that you were in possession of Murder Burgers, I think you're getting off pretty easy! :D

I'll have to tell you the story about being the prime suspect of shoplifting a 12 pak of cheap beer and a bag of limes from my local grocery store, then jumping in my car with my family and leaving the scene of the crime!

Again, wrong place, wrong time. Just happened to be driving through the store parking lot at the time some employees ran out... "There he is!" and got my plates instead of whoever it really was. They even were able to mention my 2 kids were in the back seat.

Detective called me, I told him he was out of his gourd if he thinks it was me. When he called and told me what it was about, I immediately went to the station to talk to him.

Considering the look on his face, I think he thought I was crazy. Basically, he didn't believe a word I said, that I didnn't do it, etc. He said he's going to be viewing the video, I said make it snappy, I'm expecting an apology. ;)

A couple days later with me me hounding him, he's starting in wuith the "Something isn't right, here."

Damn right, something isn't right!

Amazing, isn't it? A guy that hasn't drank in over 4 years, being accused of stealing beer (& limes, don't forget the limes!) from his local grocery store (where he shops 2-3 times / week) and making his get away with the family in the car!

Surely, NT'rs have things like this happen to them, right?
BTW, Mike, Great job on the 8lbs this week!

12-12-08, 11:53 AM
BTW, Mike, Great job on the 8lbs this week!

Oh yeah! DOH!! Grats! :)

BTW, Grafter.. any time I read your posts, I can't help put imagine these things being "said" by the Dude. Man, I LOVE that movie!

mADD mike
12-12-08, 01:07 PM
1. Considering the fact that you were in possession of Murder Burgers, I think you're getting off pretty easy! :D

2. Surely, NT'rs have things like this happen to them, right?
3. BTW, Mike, Great job on the 8lbs this week!

1. I get their chicken breast sandwiches, which are very good, much better than the chicken rings. What part of the chicken is the ring, anyway?:eek:

2. I don't know. It seems to be a family heritage, crazy situations involving cops or lawsuits or whatever. My parents bought a house, lived there for a year or two, and one night the cops just about busted the door down. Turned out a child molester lived there before, and the police were looking for some evidence that may have been hidden upstairs. They searched the house and left. We are an accursed people. I'd give my last name on here, but then the forums would probably shut down.

I'll have to tell you my all day fiasco while trying to put in a LIGHT BULB story! :mad: Sometimes I hate my life.

3. Thanks for the congrats! I know that my diet has to change, and getting sick was the prime opportunity to make it happen. Kind of a detox of sorts, since I couldn't eat too much. I think George Lopez on his tv show once said something to the effect of, "you see life as giving you crap, but I see a crapportunity". That pretty much sums this up for me.

12-13-08, 12:20 AM
Hey Mike, That same thing happened at the school I taught at. A "witness to the accident claimed their was a gun involved and the "gunman" had run into our school. We where in lockdaown for hours. I taught the special ed calss so it was a real fun time. We did not know it was not for real. All we knew it was not a drill and the police had locked us down. Have you ever tried to keep students with MR quiet and huddled in a corner for an hour or more (while thinking your life in in danger)? NOT FUN! So, I bet that the police will not be suprised when your wife does not fit the suspect discription.

Anyhow, I gained 3 lbs. I visited my family in CA for five days and Moms cooking did it. But, I got a wii fit to spice up my yoga and give me better input. I start tomorrow. But, last week, other than doing the treadmill for about 1 hr on Sat. and Sun, I did nothing but eat:( I will make it up though.

12-13-08, 03:14 AM
It is hard to believe it is all really happening sometimes! I have never even been pulled over before, and I have a trial coming up!! Thanks for the well wishes :)

I did manage to maintain my current weight. And worked out on the Wii with Mike.

What a story, Grafter!

12-13-08, 07:08 AM
Oh my. Mike and Lost, I'm so sorry that happened. I don't have any tales of similar value, thank goodness. Congrats on the lost poundage though!

I walked Friday and ran Monday and have otherwise wore myself to a frazzle with the office move, which, by the way, was 99% successful. The physical move went without a hitch, the internet (finally) came up about 7:00 last night (yeah, I had a loooooooooong day), and we have dial-tone on our new phone system. One bad thing, we don't have our correct phone number just yet. I guess it's not a complete disaster, but we sort of NEED to have our phone number. I did lose a couple of pounds, down to 114 (one more to my new goal) and since that's out of the 116-118 range I'm reporting it. I will move my "non-reporting" range to 114-118 now. I think once I hit my 113 goal that anything between 113 and 118 will be non-reportable and my wiggle range.:)

I'm going in to work today then heading to the farm for grandson's first birthday. Now that the stress of the move is out of the way I hope to get back to a more steady exercise schedule, even if it's gotta be on the treadmill due to lovely winter weather (think icy roads and sidewalks, I AIN'T gonna fall on my tailbone again, it's all better now, whew).

Congrats to the fellow exercisers, see you on the regular thread!

Hi Grafter, long time no see. How's ggirl and the kids?

12-13-08, 08:58 PM
*wanders in late...*

Posted something yesterday that went "poof."

Sorry about your situation Mike. What a nightmare for you and your wife. I can't imagine going through something like that.

I did exercise this week, some walking, some aerobic rider. Dad has been in the hospital again, which is messing up my recall.

12-15-08, 04:32 AM
I actually weighed myself on Friday but forgot to post til now :)

1.5 pounds lost this week. I did wii fit and wii sports 4 days. I've been trying to take the dogs out for more walks but it's been -30 here for a few days now and they can't stay outside long enough to go to the bathroom let alone going for a walk...So i'll be on the wii more often this week...I might even bust out the coat rack, err, exercise bike!

12-15-08, 02:23 PM
What a terrible situation!! Sounds like something that would happen to me. :P

As for my update:

W Th F
walk, walk, home exercise; no weight change

Still nothing great. But now I have a month off from school to refocus! Hooray!

Dressed and ready for the gym now. :)

12-18-08, 01:28 AM
Wow, Mike. That situation totally sucks. Sorry it's happening. You'd think the woman who got hit would be able to say "no, that's not who hit me" and you'd be done with it. Or the fact that your wife's car isn't damaged would be enough. I'd be going crazy, too.

I'm real late reporting -- just haven't been on here much. I only went and did aerobics once last week. And did nothing else, either. Hope this week is better.