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12-12-08, 09:49 PM
I was thinking about why the public has a 'distorted' view of people who suffer from ADHD. How does this line below sound, to us becuase we are educated about the effects of the drugs we know about their different effects in people who suffer from ADHD, but most members of the public do not know this.

Give stimulants to children who are already hyperactive.

To someone who does not know the effects of the stimulants on people with ADHD (i think raises dopamine levels and calms you down and probably something else i cant recall) this actually sounds rather disturbing, giving a powerful drug to a child (I wish i was diagnosed alot earliar in my life, I was hyperactive when i was younger, i did many crazy things like throwing chairs at teachers, shooting pen things at them, i bit the dentist twice, and non stop talking and asking questions).

Could this be the main reason the public has a rather distorted view of people with ADHD? Alot of parents of children who suffer from it dont want their children on a stimulant because they'd think it would make the problem worse, my parents refused to even get me tested when i was young (which when i learnt all this i hate them more).