View Full Version : convo & intercourse

12-18-08, 03:22 AM
ok, i like to talk bout stuff like quantum theories and the economic state, just anything smarticle. it just me? im sure most ADDers are like this but this is where it gets extreme. this isnt a fetish or anything but its been a dream of mine to have 1 of those convos w/ my girl while we're..ill call it enjoying eachothers presence, to refrain from going into detail. does anyone else get this or is this something thats on me?

12-18-08, 03:37 AM
are you sheldon, from big bang theory?


12-18-08, 11:33 AM
I can definately carry on a conversation during "that" time, but it really turns my husband off.

My mind is always everywhere all the time!