View Full Version : Zonegran?

12-18-08, 09:33 PM
Anybody is/was on Zonegran?

01-12-09, 01:47 PM
I thought I should give an update just incase someone else searches for info on Zonegran.

Unfortunately the Zonegran did not work out. At first I was pleasantly surprised w/ it. It was like "oh yeah, maybe I DO need a mood stabilizer" and it made my Adderall work better. Then we went out w/ friends and I had 3 beers. I forgot to take it that night but resumed the following night. The next day was HELL, I cried all day. My hubby thought maybe I need to give it another day so I did and the next morning I could hardly get out of bed. I stopped taking it and felt better.

When I told my pdoc what happend he said it wasn't the Z or the alcohol but that I was just having a bad day! I have a hard time believing that but whatever...

I'm on day 6 of Abilify 2mg blister pak, so far so good.

01-12-09, 07:25 PM
That's the thing with meds, unless it's a clear allergic reaction, sometimes a med takes a while to work or show signs that it doesn't. Alcohol will exsaserbate our bipolar symptoms. So any good our meds are doing the alcohol can make it counterproductive.

Hope the Abilify works out.