View Full Version : Getting off Risperdal(risperidone) how long until it is out of my system?

12-22-08, 09:52 PM
I am getting off Risperdal(risperidone) and am trying to figure out how long until it is out of my system? Supposedly it counteracts some of the adderall benefits and I want to see when/if I will be able to focus.


01-10-09, 03:51 PM
oops, bit late i guess. my son came off of Risperidone (and very quickly back on again) as it's effects were immediately halted.

Are you still off? i don't like my boy being on an anti-physcotic drug by any means but it does so help to stabilise his mood. In fact, it does a brilliant job of this.

01-10-09, 07:44 PM
I was off of it for 3 weeks and later went back on it. I never noticed a problem. I just stopped taking it and all was fine.

Me :D

01-24-09, 08:49 PM
My son was just prescribed Risperidone. Curious to know why you all decided to get off it? He's only on .25mg