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12-23-08, 11:06 AM
I creat this topic to talk about your close friend, such as who is your close friend? How long is your friendship? why do you consider him/her as your close friend?...

12-23-08, 12:12 PM
ive never quite had any close friend personally, but i would say a close friend is someone that listen to you when the time is right, that understand you and is understood by you, and that share common perspective on life. Someone who stands beside you and that you can talk with during hours without seeing the time pass by. My best friend is probably emilie, but lately i havent seen her at all so i dont know anymore. i have no problem making friends but deep friendship is something i dont have because im too impulsive.

01-05-09, 10:44 PM
I created this topic to talk about your close friend, such as who is your close friend? How long is your friendship? why do you consider him/her as your close friend?...

I have a few friends whom I've known for about ten years now. I have others who I consider close friends, but I haven't known as long.

I would say the underlying theme in all of my friendships is that I can be myself around them. I'm not hiding or undermining any aspect of my personality. We also have similar values too. Each of my friends are thoughtful, caring, considerate individuals, and I know they care about me and my well being. I also respect my friends who excell in each of their fields.

01-06-09, 02:21 AM
The perfect song for this thread...

Find Out Who Your Friends Are (

01-11-09, 09:45 PM
I would have a hundred close friends If I didn't lose interest or if they're really good at coming up with ways to entertain me, personally.

you don't know how many times i've thought I needed different friends that were more interesting, had certain subjects to talk about all the time, well turns out you need to know a lot more subjects other than just the ones you know and somehow it doesn't make sense or stay much in your memory to get past this obstacle.

02-21-09, 08:30 AM
I have only really had one close friend ever :o normally i find it hard to trust people, but now she lives in new zealand and i barely talk to her :[
we been friends for about a year acctualy not very long, but she is probly only person who i have talked to everything about ever, normally i really private and barely tell ppl stuff

cristy arnt you going to tell us about a friend? :D

02-21-09, 12:53 PM
Someone who u can talk to about any problems you have and listen to theirs

someone who u have common ground with

someone who can always cheer you up

someone you can always depend on and see when you need to however i dont think u need to see them regularly or often


02-21-09, 01:41 PM
someone who can only see the good things within yourself even if you can only count the negatives to them.
someone you can spend a year far apart from eachother and when you finally see them again, it's as if there was no time gap at all.
someone who is there for you no matter what- between thick and thin.
someone I need to appreciate more because I've been stuck on here and not been the friend I used to be as I haven't been the friend I would want for myself.

14 straight years.

01-24-12, 01:43 PM
A close friend is a person that you can rely on trust,love,a person who'll be there for you when you need comfort,a person who'll listen n accept u for whatever who u are,there up n down side,a person you can cling with,a true person,never hides nothin, that both accept each other for who they are,like the two are like talkin souls and who'll feel when ur down,wont let you down.but wuh if his the reason why you feel down?

02-02-12, 04:21 PM
I would say it comes down to mutual aid and mutual respect. On the mutual aid part, a close friend is someone you can call up and get help from, even when it is inconvenient. And of course you do the same for them. Like when your car breaks down and you need a ride home. I have a couple close friends that I would call up and ask, and they would do the same for me. With other people, I would take a taxi, although it is expensive. I help people when they need it (if you have a pair of jumper cables, there's a long line of people who will need your help), but I have a real aversion to asking other people for help, except for the couple people I am close to.

Respect is the other part. Your close friends don't have to like the same things you do, but should respect that your tastes are legitimate. My close friends wouldn't treat me like a freak for my interests, even if they don't share them. And in turn, I don't go on and on about things that I know don't interest them.

This passage below, I found interesting. Not because I agree with it, I disagree vehemently with it, especially the last part, the part the author says is the "most important part".

+ Treat your friend the way you would like to be treated.
+ Friends DON'T push you around. -
+ If your friend wants to try a new sport, but you do not like that sport, do not take her out of it just because you do not like it. Try to see the alternative side(s).
+ Always ask them what they want to do if they are your guest!
+ Don't argue with their choice of boyfriend. Even if you hate the guy, respect your friend's feelings for him. Loophole = unless you know that they are a player; then you tell your friend.
+ U need 2 b able 2 talk freely, b able 2 act like yourselves.
+ Friends should respect everything about each other: fashions, possessions, decisions, religions, etc. - frenchie15
+ Don't think that ur better than ur friend.
+ DON'T COPY CLOTHES, unless planned!
+ A friend can't talk trash about u behind your back.
+ Never start talkin' about something and then say...ohh never mind I can't tell you!
+ Tell them when something is wrong with their physical appearance (such as a booger).
+ Keep secrets, or its mutually assured destruction.
+ ...unless your friend is doing something dangerous.
+ No breaking promises.
+ Don't steal my stuff.
+ If you know what you are going to tell them will hurt them but you have to tell them, choose your words VERY carefully.
+ Before you do something that you think he won't like, like dating his 'X,' ask if it's ok.
+ Don't lie to them, tell them what u think.
+ My friend has broken every rule I wrote about but we still remain friends!!
+ When a friend makes a new friend they just don't go 'BOOM' and start ignoring the other people.
+ Friends have to have fun, and stick up for each other.
+ Be around for the bad times as well as the good.
+ All my friends can make mistakes, so can I, but if we don't forgive those mistakes unconditionally then we aren't really good friends.
+ A friend will always care if you fall down and always help you up.
+ Keep in touch. Don't lose them.
+ Friends don't blow you off for someone cooler than you.
+ Friends shouldn't stop being your friend just because one of their other friends hates you.
+ You should help your friends eliminate gossip about them.
+ Don't do something big & not tell your best friend.

+ When you bottle up your anger, if the bottle ever breaks it would be a huge fight and your friend would never speak to you again. So if you are mad I think you should tell that person.
+ Think twice before you say something hurtful.
+ There WILL be fights, but if you were wrong then apologize.
+ Don't get mad at them 4 something stupid.
+ Remember that the rules apply to you too.
+ Never put anything bad about them on message boards.
+ If your fighting with them don't get other ppl to dislike them as well.

+ 1 rule is NEVER ditch a friend 4 a date!
+ Never ruin your friendship over a girl/guy.
+ Friends are forever and boyfriend's/girlfriend's aren't.
+ Never ever make your friend chose between their boyfriend or girlfriend and you.
+ Never date the boy/girl that your friend has a huge crush on unless they are over him.
+ If your friend is going out with sum1, do not try to break them up.
+ Never like your friend's boyfriend, and if you can't help it, then keep that thought to yourself
+ Don't change who you are for a guy/girl.


YOUR FRIENDS HAVE TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE...If your friend can't take a joke their either PMSing...STUPID...FAT...or there NOT your friend...So end the friendship now...or later on they will become idiots...


I have some issues with the above text. And using things like "sum1" instead of "someone" makes me think the person is a bit of a dim bulb. But I am vehemently against this last "rule", the so called "Ultimate friendship rule". When someone accuses someone else of "not being able to take a joke", they are saying that they will treat you however they wish, and if you feel insulted or hurt, that's your fault. Despite having a category called "respect", this is a fundamental breach of respect.

The first rule this person as is "Treat your friend the way you would like to be treated." Except this last rule is the exact opposite. It says that how you want to be treated is unimportant, that you have to accept how I decide to treat you.

Run, don't walk from a "friend" like this. Such a "friend" will abuse you and drain the life out of you, and call it your fault.

02-12-12, 08:24 PM
I used to think my closest friend was the one who I had the most in common with and spent the most time with and have been friends with the longest. but as you're getting ready to leave high school you start to figure out who your real friends are. one of my best friends since I was a little kid, I've realized doesn't treat me so great. I have some close girl bestfriends, but my boyfriend is my closest friend. They understand you and your flaws, they listen and give advice, they help you make good choices and don't judge. and they show you they love you :)

02-13-12, 01:21 AM
The definition of a close friend has changed for me SEVERAL times, unfortunately. My friends that I have right now that could be considered "close" friends aren't as close as I'd like. For me, a close friend is someone I can completely trust in telling them about myself, such as my feelings about different things, people, and about myself, without fear of judgement or being made fun of. I have never met a person my age that I've been able to do this with. My "close" friends are people that, I feel, are alright but that I either don't have a lot in common with them or just that I'm not too sure how to feel about them.

One thing that I hate about my friends is when I take into consideration where I live. I mean, I live in a small town. When I say small, I don't mean 5,000 people. I mean less than 900 people live in my town, most of them are elderly. So this means that I don't have a lot of people my age to choose from. Right now, I have about three or four "close" friends. The one that I've been friends the longest with is not a lot like me; she is a flirt, she loves to drink, she isn't happy when she isn't texting at least one guy, and she is kinda mean and a bit of a gossip. I've wanted to stop being her friend for a long time, but I was too afraid to not be her friend anymore. I'm worried she says things behind my back. The funny thing is though, I kinda don't want to stop being friends with her. Its really weird, because sometimes I really do enjoy her company, but other times I want to get away from her.

My other friends are much more like me, but I risk a blow to my "reputation" if I consistently hang out with them. I think they are great, but everyone else in my school sees them as annoying, and rumours fly around that they are lesbians, which is not at all true. I wish I could dump my other friend and just be around them because I feel happiest around them, but I have to admit, they do get on my nerves sometimes. However, so does my other friend. In fact, most people get on my nerves if I'm around them for an extended amount of time. I mostly like to be at home. Believe me, I'm a very patient person, but I need my time alone. I hate myself for wanting to be alone constantly; it's no wonder I feel lonely quite a bit. Also, I get a bit anxious when a friend calls me wondering if I can hang out. I will usually try to find an excuse not to go, but I end up regretting it later.

Honestly, what I think I need is a person who is patient with me, listens to me, and that I actually want to hang out with consistently. I don't know; relationships have always been tough for me. Oh, and I think that "Ultimate friendship rule" is stupid, too. Respect people's feelings, appolgize if you offended someone. However, I think people should try to understand if a friend was just joking.