View Full Version : HELP for anxiety/but the anxiety/obsessive OCD type

12-27-08, 03:49 PM
I take vyvanse for the add and it is working just "OK". I get anxious and bounce from thing to thing, but I need something for anxiety. Tried pristiq, doesn't do much, klonopin works ok but xanax xr seems better.

I need something that doesn't knock me out like cymbalta and the ssri's did. But i never took an ssri or snri with an add med.

any thoughts? Lexapro, prozac? Don't want to gain weight or get tired.

01-03-09, 05:38 AM
I take Xanax, it works extremely well, sudden cessation of Xanax can be fatal, you must taper down from larger doses. I take .5 mg daily.

01-10-09, 01:40 AM
I am on 30-40mg of IR dexedrine a day for ADHD
I have coexisting OCD symptoms including anxiety and depression
which have improved with the dex but not enough.

I havnt tried lexapro but found some years ago citolopram (its predecessor good for about 6 months and then it stopped working)

I have tried a few other medications with the dexedrine for anxiety

the best was temporarily tianeptine but unfortunately it only worked for about 2 months and dropped out. I then tried 20 mg prozac (quite sceptically) but to my surprise it is still working at 3 months. a shift to 40mg prozac/ day didnt help more than the 20mg.

My adhd symptoms were down with the dex and the stress and anxiety was down with the prozac but still I was always suspecting it could be improved.

I tried an augmentation of amitrypilline 10 mg (endep) at night with the dex and prozac during the day and it seemed promising so I upped the endep to 20mg and bingo! good results but then the dry mouth and serious constipation became too hard to manage

This gave me a potential insight so I replaced the endep with milnaciprin (now 100mg/d and prozac 20mg/d and dex 30-40mg a day

and it is the best cocktail I have been on so far (1 month).

My pdoc thought I was low in just about all the monoamine neurotransmitters and this cocktail perhaps reflects that.

I should mention I tried seroquel one year ago at 12.5 mg an evening for the anxiety etc and though it did little for my anxiety it did improve my sleep which indirectly is so crucial for the other drus to work.

So my daily cocktail at present for classic ADHD and some symptoms of OCD as a comorbid anxious condition is:
30-40mg (depending work overtime) dexedrine
20mg prozac (morning)(lexapro may be even better here)
100mg milnacipran (50mg morning and evening)(cymbalta sounds similar)
8 mg seroquel evening

If I still get a little too anxious at times I throw in 600-900mg gabapentin
but generally dont need it.

quite a cocktail I know but it works for me at present
dont know how long this will work for me or if anything here is useful for you, hope so