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12-28-08, 06:16 PM

I was referred for dyslexia by my Uni. It never something that I thought I had, I'll have an appointment in January. I would like to know from anyone that had this done, what this involves and also, I was also thinking does it mean that if I have ADD I don't have dyslexia and vice versa? and If I do have both how do you differentiate between both of sets of symptoms?

Thank yOu

12-28-08, 09:33 PM
I have dyslexia and ADD - ADD is a problem with selective attention span where as dyslexia is a reading / spelling problem.

12-29-08, 01:06 PM
hey, im like you, i had no clue i was dyslexic, i was reffered for ADD, it takes account of all my attention problems etc and all that goes with it. To me i never paid enuff attention to get anything done right to notice the dyslexic, i was having a lot of difficulties that i did not realise was actually dyslexia. it was a shock in my assessment, i study english at college lol and have got A's almost all the way through until i went to uni and i had other issues. but this can mask it. i always had to draft things several times over and bbecame very stressed with it all because it was difficult and with ADD you can imagine how long and how much ****ing patience that took and persearverance-unfortunatley ive dropped in the perservearance department and am sorta burnt out these days.

telling the difference sometimes is hard because they can be quite alike, but to me dyslexia causes me problems with reading and writing and sometimes speaking the words out of my mouth things sound all mixed up and the syllables and sounds are back to front sometimes. but with ADD it reminds me of 'dyslexia of life', evertything feels all mixed up and fuzzy, mess and lateness and then getting anxious about it also but it feels impossible to work through it or see how to fix it or prioritise things, i am very bad at doing things in order. social situations are hard just because i find it difficult at times to read other people or a situation and get my own tone or someone elses tone of voice. im always one step behind everyone it feels and i mix stuff up, lose stuff and constantly make stupid mistakes and miss the obvious. i cant pay attention, am in a trance a lot or else talking the face of the other person. its just pure randomness and im easily excitied but also easily knocked down. it plays a lot with my emotions i think. does that help-could you explain a bit about your experience with ADD and why you are getting tested? the testing is thorough for it and they take your symptioms and then do all these tests that test your skills in certain things and missing bits that are not in keeping with other parts of your IQ or stuff like that, like my verbal IQ is very high but my performance is average and with dylexia some of it is way down the bottom which doesnt fit if i was 'connected right'-like that, they look for certain gaps which indictaes something isnt working as smoothly as it should.well thats how i understood it-if im wrong can someone correct me please.

but for testing dyslexia they do tests that test your hearing of words and phonics, how you recognise the words on the page and how you can spell something with the sounds of it,they got me to read stuff out and see what i missed or mixed up. then i had to write for 5 minutes and they test your speed of writing and reading. even if you write something with few mistakes your time can be very very slow because you have to put the extra effort in. like me, i only write at a pace of 20 words a minute, but my spelling is not as bad as it could be (it isnt great but not unreadable), its cos i take so much time for it. yet i find it very hard to spell a word i dont know because of sounds and the shapes, i also miss out words, switch it all around and the sounds when reading, i trip up over myself and miss out entire senetnces because when i go to a new line i start a few lines done and its like its swimming. my dyslexia tho is not severe by any stretch but its still there and causes me problems so dont feel going in your wasting your time because its all very useful and i understood things far more when i left my assessment.

but yes you can definatley have ADD and dyslexia, in fact my psychologist said that 50% of people with ADD will have dyslexia, i think it might be to do with the fact its like the same areas of the brain.

good luck on your testing, its not as scary as it sounds, actually you dont even know what theyre testing for at times, its like just doing a load of little games (it was to me), and they score you, but you wont feel stupid or anything and they wont be mean, because when theyre scoring you you have no idea what it all means so you cant really get worried. just relax and go for it. make sure you say in detail what you have problems with.

good luck! and let us know how it goes!


12-29-08, 05:58 PM
Thank you, for you replies everyone. To answer your question lucky turtle.

I have many reasons to think I have ADD- although everything seems to come out in a muddle when I write it or try to express it- which is a problem when I try and speak to my psychiatrist. I get that's what in literature is referred to as problems with written expression. I am quite verbally fluent, but am especially so, when I feel really anxious, to the point that I probably do scare people off. To go back to answering your question, there are many reasons like I said why I think I have ADD.

At school, I procrastinated like mad, was hopelessly disorganized and still managed to be one of the top student in my class- despite zoning out constantly. I used to ask a lot of questions and when I was younger could talk anyone to death- most of the girls who were my age then, still remember me as the girl who talked a lot. I still talk a lot- I am good at debating- but I can be extremely forceful to the point I don't realise when everyone else has lost interest,

in public speaking class, I always used to have good points in my head, but by the time I waited to speak my part, all my ideas would have escaped from my brain and come back after I could no longer speak.

My room is a mess, I keep on forgetting things and then have panic attacks, at uni I have a bus pass because I know without it, I will be late every morning- I still manage to make it late even then. Somewhere between waking up late, because I could not sleep the night before or waking up every hour before my normal time, I still manage late- in
between dressing, packing my stuff, checking my mail, showering, making my pack lunch. The last of which, I spent a fortune, buying food at the Cafe in Uni, because I either a)forgot to make my pack lunch b)made it but forgot to take it c)had no time to make it d)had no time to take it and put it in my bag.

The sight of me running to the bus every morning, probably a regular occurrence now, probably doesn't throw off anyone anymore. I am always lost, looking for something, at the med school the receptionist, now me for always a)not knowing my timetable b)losing my Uni card c)losing my bag the one that has all my money in.
like for example
I have a friend that keeps on calling me socially inept/unaware, because I do really weird things-

I had no idea that I could have had dyslexia- I had a problem with left and right since I was at least 12- up to then, I would not have been able to tell anyone straight which was my right hand- it sort of 'sunk in' around then. I am absolutely rubbish at giving directions because of this. I have a problem with reading- but I always loved reading- like you I was really good at English when I was at school- it's only when I got to Uni, that I realised that I might have a problem- but I did not know whether that was because of my tendency to 'read passively' rather than because I had actual problems with reading.

When the UNi did the pre-evaluation test, I 'scored' mainly on the direction and memory criteria I think- more than the reading.

I went up to Student Support, because I realised that all the problems that I had when I was in High School, where coming back all together, and making fall really behind.

So I think it may be that probably I have both dyslexia and ADD- I am just worried that the pros are going to rule out one diagnosis in favour of the other- especially when ADD is not a diagnosis that is given out to older teens if ever- in the UK.

12-29-08, 06:59 PM
you sounnd sooo much like me. that problem no one else gets, its the little things you say like packing your lunch then forgetting or else not doing it at all, all those little things to get out of the house and you still dont get it right but its in everything you go to do and it just builds up and up, it sounds like me.

i live in the uk and am only 20, i think it depends on the psychologist. but with me they recognise the pros can mask whats really going on, it is part the reason i became depressed and anxious because of the stress of having to keep up constantly, i just got totally burnt out. make sure you emphasise this has always been with you since childhood. things like directions are a big sign when all the other symptoms are there, im hopless with directions also and often cannot find my way out a building i only enteres 5 minutes ago. my freind is severely dyslexic and was only diagnosed once she turned 20, but its actually quite obvious, yet she writes for a magazine at college, just because youve tried hard enough to make something of yourself does not mean it was easy and you dont have these problems. by the way i was not just given this diagnoses because i was out of my teens so dont worry, i didnt try to find a psychologist before then is all nor did my freind. but it had been suggested to me several times to get tested in my teens. about your freind also, thats common to be looked at or told your socially not with it or inept, its mortifying.

i have major issues getting my thoughts on paper and getting to the point, i will ramble on and on changing ideas and never getting to it.

i had may of your problems at school but i almost wrecked myself compensating, then when i got to UNi, it is so vast and such a change it all errupted and i couldnt keep up anymore, the time tables are so different, theres more to remember and your left to fend for yourself more, the teachers dont organise you like at school and you cant follow your freinds to class because everyone at uni has a different timetable and the place is massive. but dont worry, ADD literature i found says that this is common in adults, and that it by then can be masked by depression and anxiety when really the ADD is causing it.

when is your test exactly? hope this all helps.

12-29-08, 08:09 PM
Thank you again for replying lucky turtle- I have my test in January sometimes- the problem is I am on the waiting list- and I don't have an actual date and my first set of exams are also in january as is my ADD assessment round 2- I've been so worried about the assessment that my revision is sort of going through the roof, I've been trying hard- but I am really tired- I feel like not enough is being done because I am so far behind. Exams are in 2 weeks. Also, the uni called my home phone number rather than call me on my mobile-(although I may have given that wrong) or actually through my email which was what I asked- so now I don't even know when I am actually going to get tested.

I am just at the stage now, when I want things to happen. I am not sure I will qualify for dyslexia- I've been compensating for ages. But at the time, even though my ADD is really obvious to me, and even now to some of my friends at Uni, I am getting frustrated that my doc, is not listening.

SOrry about ranting =) I was just wondering then, what were your coping strategiesu in Uni? Also can you give me more info, on the test, I just like to be prepared- makes me feel less anxious.

02-05-09, 03:07 PM
how has your dyilixa test gone ????? i have it as well ans other things as we;; i hope thingssss going well for you dorm

12-12-09, 06:24 PM
Hello, sorry for not replying for - well ages. :S

My dyslexia test went fine- came out positive- currently receiving dyslexia tuition at Uni-its helping me a bit with strategies to get my notes and stuff in order- everything is a bit of a mess at the moment caus Im well jus burnt out- can't wait for the christmas holidays- at the same time- which they never did- caus it means the exams are just getting even closer. Hope you guys are all well.