View Full Version : Help! Need new Dr in SW Houston Texas

12-31-08, 12:34 PM
My husband is ADD and has been going to Dr Cohn for several years on SW Freeway in Houston Texas. He called the day before Christmas last week to set an appt for a refill of his meds and the receptionist said Dr Cohn went into retirement and they were shutting the office! (No one even called to inform us of this) We were on our way out of town and wanted his records AND a referral and they said he would have to come in and they would be open until the 31st which was good for us because we arrived back in town late last night. Now, no one is answering the office phone and all of his extensive records are there!
There is no way we can start all of this process over from years of info and I just don't know what to do! We also need a new, GOOD Dr in the SugarLand or Katy area too.
Can anyone help?

12-31-08, 03:14 PM
I don't have any advice, but just wanted to say HOLY COW! What a horrible thing, they certainly should have advised the current patients that they would need to transfer their records to a new doctor. Good luck with sorthing this out ASAP.

12-31-08, 10:58 PM
In this section is a sticky thread called local doctor referrals ( It is basically a copy of post in this and other areas on ADDF where members mention which doctors they see in Texas for their ADD treatment - some are in the Houston area. At the end of the hyperlinked thread I post a moderator note that links to a thread located in the diagnosis section called "Where to find a health care professional" that is a collection of directories from various countries including the US.

Posting a single thread is a hit and miss proposition where some times people have answers and respond and other times they do not so I decided to put all this information in one or two places here so it would make it easier to find.