View Full Version : top adjunct for anxiousness of adhd

01-05-09, 11:41 PM
whats the best adjunct that doens't cross the blood brain barrier used in combination with stims? I'm speaking of an adjunct that helps control anxiousness or irritability caused by work non adhd friendly environments. This would be a med that helps your stim work better

01-07-09, 08:14 PM
I dunno? If it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier, then it's not gonna do too terribly much . . . a beta-blocker like nadolol might help somewhat (and lower blood pressure to boot).

02-12-09, 10:59 PM
To resurrect this, I'm curious why you want one that does not cross the blood brain barrier... atenolol doesn't, but that is mainly for high blood pressure, etc. and as far as anxiety, it reduces physical signs of anxiety more than anything- it is supposedly good for stage fright.

I've found Klonopin to be excellent with stimulants. Takes the edge out, does not cause sedation, and seems to work rapidly.