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01-06-09, 08:55 AM

I think I have ADD but I need some advice on what to do next. Well I guess since this is my first post here, I should tell you guys a bit about myself

My name is Tom and I"m 32 years old and live in brisbane. I have a 5 year old daughter who's living interstate with my wife...we're getting divorced in march.

I've always had huge problems staying focused on things I'm supposed to do. Oh, I have no problems starting a project or doing research on something - in fact I can do that really well. I can focus on something so intensely that nothing else exists - for hours or even days.

The problem is it never lasts. As soon as I get bored, that's the end of it. I've had so many jobs and started so many courses and had so many ideas. This has always been one of my wife's many complaints.

Another problem is money. Instant gratification - what can I say. I suck at sticking to a budget. I can draw one up - no worries. And then I constatly change it to suit what I want to do instead of following it. Again...just ask my wife...she has lots to say on this issue.

Now where was I...oh yeah, I get distracted easily...especially in conversations. People usually end up getting the impression I don't want to talk to them because other things keep grabbing my attention. And I get impatient when people (including my wife) are tellling my something or are asking a question. I already know what they're trying to say and I want to respond damnit. I get bored listening to them.

I am terrible with managing time and am always late. Again, another thing that used to frustrate my wife. It's not that I don't care...I just can't do it.

Oh yeah, and my wife has always resented that she had to be the organised one.

I am usually completely oblivious to people's feelings or reactions or their expectations of me in social situations.

My mum says as a kid I was always extremely hyperactive, impulsive, stubborn and difficult.

In the past I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bipolar affective disorder ( though the next pdoc I went to said it wasn't bipolar). I've also been diagnosed with PTSD and general anxiety. I was on 450mg of effexor for about a year, which helped with the depression after my brother died, but not with any of the stuff described above.

I just really need help with this stuff. I've pretty much given up on trying to do anything because I'm never able to stick with anything. I feel like a failure.

I've never really known much about ADD, but I came across it on the net over the last few days and I just think it describes me so well. I'm hoping this will provide some answers and a way of dealing with the symptoms so I can live a normal life.

Now, what I"m wondering do I talk to a pdoc about this. Are they likely to just dismiss the idea of ADD. How do even begin to explain all this to a psychiatrist.

I went to see a GP today and told him some of what I've written above and asked him for some medication and a referral. He was happy enough to give a referral, but would not give any medication to me if his life depended on it.

If you guys could tell me how you got diagnosed or even what psych in brisbane is good to see for this sort of stuff. Or any comment on what I've written here...does it even sound like ADD to you guys?

01-06-09, 09:16 AM
Just posted a reply in the Adult ADD forum.

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Just posted a reply in the Adult ADD forum.


I try not to post the same thing twice on a forum, but after I posted here, I noticed how deserted this australian section is, so hoping for more responses I posted there as well.

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Just focus on your daughter and getting some advice on obtaining an ADD diagnosis and treatment, stop worrying about what your wife and others think and there is NO such thing as a permanent failure as you can always pick up and start again whether it's the same thing you tried last time or something totally different.

I was also born and bred in Brisbane but I moved back to Grafton yesterday for work reasons as well as it being an attempt to gradually move on and finally leave a turbulent relationship (long story) Despite being born and bred in Brisbane I don't really fit in or like the city life all that much.

A GP will not generally give you ADD/ADHD medication unless instructed by your Psychiatrist, so go to the psych and establish what treatments will be used and then get him/her to give your GP consent to give you the ADD/ADHD medication when you're not able to see the psych.

I hope it all works out for you.


01-09-09, 11:30 PM
Thanx Selena,

I've spoken to P.A. mental health ... they recommended some psychiatrists that deal with ADD. Before they would do that though I had to talk to one of their staff for about 40 minutes because they wanted to check for themselves it it really is ADD and if a psychiatrist is the best way to go for me. But now I have get another referral because apparently you have to be referred specifically to a particular doctor.

I reallly miss my daughter...I stayed on the efexor for most of last year because I found that really hard. I speak to her on the phone every day and I'm going through legal aid to get regular access so she can be up here with me for each school holidays. She starts school this year. She's my beautiful little angel :)


01-19-09, 06:24 PM
HI Tom, can i ask who you have been told would be good to see? I am in the same boat as you, on effexor for last 9 years got dx adhd in december by one shrink but he stuffed things up (too long story) and after going off the effexor as he told me to had a meltdown and ended up at the ipswich hospital on the weekend, but they wont help me as they say qld health doesnt deal with adhd?? and told me to see a private shrink but i cant find anyone who is supposed to be good with adult adhd. Julie

01-20-09, 01:15 AM
HI Tom, can i ask who you have been told would be good to see? I am in the same boat as you, on effexor for last 9 years got dx adhd in december by one shrink but he stuffed things up (too long story) and after going off the effexor as he told me to had a meltdown and ended up at the ipswich hospital on the weekend, but they wont help me as they say qld health doesnt deal with adhd?? and told me to see a private shrink but i cant find anyone who is supposed to be good with adult adhd. Julie

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the forums.

I hope you're feeling at least a bit better after the weekend.

PA Hospital mental health recommended these psychiatrists for me:

Dr. Pierce Tucker
Carindale shopping centre
3398 9833

Dr. Tony Cook
Oasis specialist centre
3216 9033

Dr. Andrew Davison

Dr. John O'callaghan

both also @ oasis specialist centre, sunnybank

someone else on the forums also recommended:

Dr. Granger
Pine Rivers Private Hospital
3881 7294

I hope these are helpful...I've not yet had an appointment.

Let us know how things work out Julie.


01-20-09, 06:45 PM
Thats great Silvercastle! good luck.


01-20-09, 08:21 PM
Hi Tom,

I went through a slightly drawn out process for my diagnosis and initial medication (now off meds by choice - I'd rather not be dependant on something else to control my life - but they definitely helped at the start).

I saw a school counsellor (I was in Year 11 and decided that I shouldn't waste my HSC due to a lack of attention and focus), who did the brown scale test with me after a few weeks. Following that, I saw an Educational Consultant in Sydney who referred me to the Sydney Developmental Clinic.

At the SDC, I did a few different tests - IQ, Brain, Focus off and on meds. The results came back and tested positive and thus began the medication.

I stay in touch with the Educational Consultant, who has been absolutely amazing. He's been a great support and friend, and would recommend him to anyone. I go to the SDC at most twice a year to have a dosage prescription (in case I feel the need... it doesnt cost to have a piece of paper) and to log progress on brain development and the like.

I hope this all helps you mate. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask.


03-24-10, 06:56 AM
Yep I can relate, GP's had me on anti-depressants for years, I kept complaining they didnt help & they kept upping the dose.
Find a good psychiatrist, get a diagnosis & look at treatment options.
You should only need a referral from your GP

03-24-10, 07:56 AM
Hey tom, I am also from Brisbane, and have been through the whole ADHD diagnosis thing over the last 12 months.

I'm definitely no expert, but can relate to your symptoms, and I ended up being diagnosed as adhd inattentive. I went through some of the same issues which you face, had horrible anxiety, pretty much most of my life. It got to the point where I couldn't cope anymore, felt like I wasn't achieving anything and it was killing me inside. GP's kept prescribing me effexor, which although made me feel happier, had horrible side effects (some of which I still have!), and to be honest didn't really fix or allow me work on the major issues, really just made me not care or have feelings about anything. Went off and on again twice. I still had the same issues with lacking motivation, inability to do anything which was remotely boring to me, changing my mind constantly, not paying attention to people, jumping from new activity to new activity, and the sheer messiness of desk at work, etc etc ...

By chance I met someone overseas 12 months ago who was a med student in the USA, who happened to specialize in adhd, and she first put the idea in my head. I had no idea it even existed, but it made perfect sense, described my whole existence and I was really intrigued. When I got back home, I booked in with Bobbi Dobson Patterson from Mind Professionals at Wolloongabba (do a google search) who is a psychologist specializing in adhd. Over a couple of sessions, she did some quantitative tests of attention on the PC which gave an analysis, turned out the adhd inattentive rating was off the scale. Bobbi wrote this up in a report which (eventually) was given to a psychiatrist. I'd suggest that booking in a session with someone from Mind Professionals (ideally Bobbi) would be the best start. Get a referral from your GP as you can then claim up to 12 sessions on medicare.

From there, depending on the results of the sessions / tests ... you need to speak to your GP, and get a referral to a psychiatrist. Most have an understanding of adhd, but they all seem to have a terrible waiting list (expect to wait about 2 or 3 months from the time of referral). They will do there own further tests. From there, they can look at options such as medication. Expect to wait another month or two for medication approval.

Have to say it's an incredibly long and frustrating path, going backwards and forth between doctors and waiting weeks for appointments. All worth it in the end though, as it has certainly improved my life no end. And at least you can eliminate adhd from the list it if it doesn't turn out that way. Hope this helps. Good luck :)