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01-08-09, 05:17 PM
The rules for the get fit club stipulate that activity that falls out of the realm of "exercise" is not suitable for participation in that group. I'm conflicted about that.

I live an active lifestyle that incorporates a lot of physical work into my days and I do count that work as exercise. I have to account for it or I get sick or injured by over doing things. It's proven to be part of a broader fitness goal which is quite a bonus for me.

It meets all the criteria I know of for a definition of exercise. I want to be able to participate more with the group, but feel out of sorts about posting anything that maybe isn't normally thought of as exercise and I don't want to rock the boat.

A large part of my life continues to include clearing of snow and cutting firewood. I believe that a healthy balanced lifestyle is what I'm after and not just exercise. I'd like to think I could be supported on that point in this group along with others who are just interested in exercise. I don't want to be difficult, I just benefit from the same public accountability and support here and would enjoy losing the feeling that I'm cheating or going against the grain somehow.

I can find other ways of doing this though so if it's a bother I'll just move onto other means... without resentment. :)
Cheers! Ian

mADD mike
01-08-09, 05:40 PM
Hey Ian, since I'm the one that instituted the rules and came up with the idea and formed the Get Fit Club, I guess I should be the one to respond.

My work is physical, as I spend most days running around cleaning houses, or detailing cars, or even performing inspections on commercial properties where I have to climb all over them. So, I realize that sometimes after such work you don't feel like doing anything, for fear of overdoing it.

However, many people on these forums do some sort of physical activity during the day. So by default everyone that does so is in their own much larger club than us in the GFC that I formed. I formed the GFC to get people to go above and beyond what they normally do, to put that little bit of extra effort in to feel better. Exercise is known to help those with ADD, not just physically, but mentally too, as many GFCers can attest and have stated.

If you just keep things as they are, then you didn't join a club, you fell backward into it by maintaining the status quo.

Also, if you don't specify some sort of restrictions, then people get silly and say that they exercised by lifting the fork to their mouth, because they want to join in too. You have to have some sort of standards, because if you don't, then you don't have a club, you have everybody.

These people in the club, myself included, do a little something extra to try and push themselves. By doing so, and exercising for the sake of exercising, not for the sake of accomplishing their daily tasks, they achieve something. If we just do what we normally do, or did before ever learning about the GFC, we haven't achieved anything, we've just kept our normal routine.

I'm sure you've heard the statement:

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting.

Well, many of us want to do something to change our lives for the better. You can't make it better by doing the same thing you always do, you have to step it up a bit. By doing so, we've already had people losing weight, maintaining their weight, or just feeling better after workouts, getting that little bit of mental clarity that sometimes comes for us ADDers.

I hope this makes some sense to you. I don't want anyone to feel like they are cheating the system somehow, but I also don't want anyone to feel like they can join and do nothing out of the ordinary. By doing so, they didn't join, they really did nothing. That's not to discount what people may do on a daily basis, and I can't make a rule for every potential situation, but I wanted to encourage others to do something above and beyond for their betterment, and the betterment of others. It is encouraging to see others step up to the plate and push themselves, but how encouraging would it be if I just posted each day that I went to work that day? Big deal, so did everyone else, and so do I every day. But if I report that not only did I go to work, but despite being so tired I just wanted to lay down, I stayed up and worked out, that will make someone else do a little extra too, and encourage them to look at their situation and see what else they might be able to do.


01-08-09, 06:49 PM
Thanks Mike. You made these points clear in the initial statements when you formed the group. Thanks for the feedback. I'll do what I can now to support your wishes.
Cheers! Ian

01-08-09, 08:20 PM
I got the impression that it was exercise that was "dedicated" that counted for the program. Usually, for the sake of such programs, dedicated time is what counts, not "working," or doing chores, such as gardening, cleaning the house, lifting babies and playing with children and other types or work, though in essence they do contribute to overall health by staying active, they don't count as dedicated minutes if it is part of your usual work day. It's a bummer, but I think it's an understood thing when you join a fitness program. It's what you do over and above your usual work day, partly for the sake of encouragement for those who are more sedentary during the work day, or who have specific goals for weight or fitness. One cannot really achieve life-time and life-changing fitness goals through normal work day activities no matter the activity level of one's work day. :-(

As an example, our work sponsored a steps to fitness program/contest. The first time they did it - one of the groups was formed by a department that walked a lot during the day anyways, and they just wore pedometers during their work day to count for all their steps towards the challenge, and of course, won the challenge without many actual "dedicated" steps. Kinda irked the rest of us! They thus changed the rules of the challenges.

mADD mike
01-08-09, 08:38 PM
Thanks Mike. You made these points clear in the initial statements when you formed the group. Thanks for the feedback. I'll do what I can now to support your wishes.
Cheers! Ian

Hey Ian!:D

I am kind of dense at times, and sometimes people need to be blunt with me. If you understood that when you asked your question, then maybe I misunderstood your question. I'm not saying that what many of us do during the day isn't by definition "exercise", I'm just saying that for the club, I'm trying to get people to do some "dedicated" exercise above and beyond to improve their lives. You can't improve your life by maintaining what you're doing now.

If you feel something is unfair, do you have suggestions that I could look at implementing? If you have better ideas, I'm open for discussion. In fact, I love new ideas. But I can't just let day to day life count for exercise, because other people are working above and beyond, and then that wouldn't be fair to them, and could actually discourage them, rather than encourage.

Let me know if you have something to input, some ideas for me to consider. I do know that you mentioned in another post that you really like the accountability of being here and joining in, and to be accountable, there has to be some sort of minimum standard, which is what I tried to set up. I tried to set it up so that anyone that wants can join in, with no set amount of time you have to exercise, no steps to count, no mandatory weigh-in, etc. I've tried to be fair, but I'm open to hearing what you have to say, and maybe I missed your point.

Sorry if I did.:confused:


01-31-09, 10:06 AM
Hmmm...I only just discovered this thread...

Sometimes I think I'm cheating too, but remaining at status quo is hard work for me. Under the strictest interpretation of GFCs rules, I have to admit that I shouldn't even be there. But I am. It helps me. It supports the daily struggle I have to just get the tiniest bit of structure into my life. And sometimes just being in the club gives me energy and motivation to actually do that little extra "above and beyond".

I totally get what Ian's saying, and I think GFC might be able to help more ADD people get more exercise than none if some rules were a little "bendable", but I have to admit that I get your rules too, Mike. They make perfect sense, and the intention is clear. I really don't know how to improve on them. And there IS that risk of "lifting my fork to my mouth is exercise enough to write down in GFC".
But maybe sometimes it is? I don't know - who are we to judge?
Some days are so hard to just come through alive that what didn't seem like exercise yesterday, like go get the mail or take out the trash, feels like (and maybe should count as?) exercise. I know that sometimes it's the only reason I actually get my but out the door and take the 15min walk to the grocery store. All I'm thinking is: "It's exercise. I't good for you. It's exercise. It's exercise. Maybe walk a little bit faster. YOu're doing good. You're exercising. It's exercise." Everyone else would think: "You went to the store. So what? We all do that as part of our everyday lives. That's not exercise."
Well, I have to admit. Sometimes it's exercise to me. Because I know with myself that if I hadn't given myself the extra reason for going, it would just have been another oatmeal day. I would have not gotten out the door. I would be one walk short and maybe even have taken the 3min walk to the gas station in the middle of the night instead and bought a pound of chocolate and Coca Cola with sugar in it because I hadn't eaten right during the day.

I just know that I'm struggling weekly to keep up with a self made schedule that other people would laugh at, and that GFC is helping me stick to it - and sometimes even a bit more. It helps me uphold a sense of structure and a factual overview of how much/little I've actually done, that has proven very important for me, since I tend to get overwhelmed.

I don't know if I should actually be enrolled in the GFC the way I am, but I know it helps me very much, so unless I get kicked for cheating I'll stay.

I feel that I am doing my best and for once I have not been overburdening myself and have actually been able to stick to this because of that and feel better -> do better.

Maybe I'm getting it all backwards?
If I am, GFC has still really helped me improve my life, and is still doing so, so I hope I can stay anyways. I do feel like I have been kinda cheating all the way right now, but I have been so happy to participate. GFC has improved my quality of life, evn the way I chose to do it. I know, that if I had to stick to the rules in their strictest sense, I wouldn't be well enough to be in the club at all. There's a reason I was granted disability.

Hmmm...I'm not entirely sure that I actually have a point with this post, I just wanted to "show the flag" as we say here in DK.

mADD mike
01-31-09, 12:41 PM
Maybe I'm getting it all backwards?
If I am, GFC has still really helped me improve my life, and is still doing so, so I hope I can stay anyways. I do feel like I have been kinda cheating all the way right now, but I have been so happy to participate. GFC has improved my quality of life, evn the way I chose to do it. I know, that if I had to stick to the rules in their strictest sense, I wouldn't be well enough to be in the club at all. There's a reason I was granted disability.

Taken directly from the "New Get Fit Club Thread":
Now that you have your new sig, let's go to the new rules:

1. We will post results every Friday, like always. I will start a new thread each and every Friday, usually Thursday night just so I don't forget. I'm an ADDer, after all :p . Please let us know what you did this week to improve your life by exercising. The purpose of this group is to help you IMPROVE your life with exercise above and beyond what you ordinarily do. You aren't improving if you just do your ordinary daily activities, so we encourage you to reach out and do something above and beyond. Let us know what you did, which will encourage us to do more too.

2. Use this thread to let us all know what you're doing throughout the week, to ask questions, get help, etc. Keep in touch with everyone here, introduce yourself if you're new, and welcome others.

Seems like you fit in pretty well here, Lise. :D

This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, as this issues has come up many times. You know, I can't believe how much flack I've caught because of supposed tough rules that I made, rules that never specified any really tough regulations. It makes me a little crazy, as people take shots at them. Don't like it? Go join a real fitness club somewhere, one that lays out a specific exercise plan that you have to go by, day by day. One that gives you dietary restrictions. One that gives you certain amounts of time that the exercises must be performed for. I've given none of that, just that you work to improve your life and do more than you would normally do, to exercise for the point of exercising, to make your life better.

Maybe I would have been better off laying specific guidelines and structure. I thought that by making the "rules" fairly vague and just encouraging improvement and exercise which is known to release things in our brain that we ADDers need, I would therefore be encouraging more to join in and not get so judgemental about themselves. There were no lofty goals to fail to reach laid out. It seems that instead, I have given more people reason to question, and to be judgemental as to the rules I put in place. It is interesting the way it was turned around on me to some extent, that people started judging the rules, when the reality is that there are no really strict rules to even meet.

I have been questioned over and over on this point. People feel like they are cheating a system without any really stiff rules. This is the honor system, you report what you want and tell us if it is exercise to you. Nobody is watching you, nobody is judging you, nobody tells you what to do...........but yourself. This isn't my club, this belongs to all of us. It is only as good as the posters that post here. If it were just me posting, it would be my club, but it isn't. The more people that compose the GFC, the stronger and more encouraging it is. I just organize things (I use that term loosely, lol) and make sure that threads are up for everyone to use. I also try to contact people and encourage them to come back if they slip and fall. I want them to get up off the mat and come back with us, to feel better about themselves. This club, and these "rules", were never intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I tried to do the exact opposite, by not making hard and fast rules and things that people had to meet.

I get what you are saying Lise, about how sometimes it is hard just to get up and do anything at all. If you can get up and tell yourself that what you are doing is exercise for you, in your circumstances, then by all means report it and help someone else out in similar circumstances. By doing something rather than nothing, you have improved your life, even if just for that day. By letting others know, they can in turn encourage you, and you might just encourage someone else in similar circumstances.

Do your personal best, and feel good about it.

You are only cheating the system if you don't do your personal best, because then you are cheating yourself.


02-01-09, 09:01 PM
Mike, thanks. :)
I'm in no way disputing your intentions here, I hope you know that.

I'm sorry that people have been giving you flack about it...they shouldn't really do that.
Because you're right - and it's not like you're anyone's parent here. You have no responsibility what so ever and no part in our personal projects. You have just provided some loose frames and started a thread that we all tag along with because it helps us.

Some of us are just not very good at vague guidelines.
I hope you didn't consider my above post flack, as it wasn't meant to be, and hopefully that shows in a few of my PMs to you. I really appreciate this initiative, as it has helped me. I think I have walked more miles in the past four months than I had the past three years put together before that. So even if by normal standards I am not a very active person, I'm still several times more active than I was before.

So no matter the rules, GFC is a 100% success for me until now.
I didn't think I'd be able to stick with it, but I did.
And on a good day, I even feel a bit proud of that. :)

Maybe goundrule should be that it's not the rules that need loosening up, it's the people who don't get them or find them too strict?

What should be exercise for me this week?
Is it a: "I took out the trash once and I parked a bit further away than I used to from the mall once and didn't lie down to eat, even if I felt so exhausted - week?"
Maybe a: "Especially active day at work today, cleaned one more house than I use to and shovelled snow before I crashed on the couch at 11:45pm - week?"
Or: "Ran a half marathon, did 1h power yoga mon/tues/fri and bench pressed a quarterhorse and did 120 more daily ab crunches than my usual 200 - week"

Actually, like you yourself hint to, Mike:
I think we should stopstopstop ask you or eachother, what is exercise for us.
We should ask ourselves, and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us will know what to write down from week to week. No one than us ourselves can feel where our limits are drawn or how close we are to them at a certain time in our lives.

I know I myself will never question if anyone else writes "Monday: Spent noon till 4pm in vertical position. Took one step to keep from falling" in as exercise, as long as I can see that this is no mere joke, this was really the best this person could do this week. Because I know all too well about those states in my own life.

It is my feeling that we want GFC to be a place for everyone that wishes to make a serious effort. Even if we fail at it. Then it's for helping eachother get up and give it another try.

I'm glad I'm in, guys.
And I hope that everyone feels welcome and even if they feel "behind" at first, takes the time to stay with us long enough to see, that all of us are human - and ADD/ADHD - we all slip up, forget to sign in, don't get anything done for one reason or another in this and that week. Hopefully, next week is better. I know the longer I've stayed, the better I have become at routing for anyone else to feel better and do better and the more time and feeling I spend at that is less feeling I spend habouring bad and unconstructive feelings toward myself and lower my own self esteem.

Yet another aspect of my personal struggles, that GFC is helping me go about in a less unhealthy fashion.