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mADD mike
01-09-09, 10:14 AM
Okay, back on schedule with Friday's again. Sorry, usually I would have put this up last night just to get a jump on it, but I stayed up late watching the UF-OU National Championship game (Go Gators). Anyway, here is the thread for last weeks results, though a short week. If you didn't get any exercise in and need to do something today or over the weekend to report, that is understandable since we just reported Monday.

Myself, I lost one pound.

I worked out hard on Monday, and did a light workout on Thursday. I plan to do another hard workout tonight whenever we get home from work.

So, what have you been able to do this week?

01-09-09, 12:36 PM
I am keeping a journal to keep track better of what I do. so I am just going to cut and paste.

1-5-09 - 15 minutes exercise other than wii, 20 minutes aerobic (running), 0 minutes strenth, 15 minutes yoga, 10 minutes balance games
1-6-09 - 30 minutes exercise other than wii, 10 minutes aerobic, 10 minutes strenth, 0 minutes yoga, 10 minutes balance games
1-7-09- 2 hrs outside and working in barn with daughter (27lbs) in backpack.
1-8-09- 15 minutes exercise other than wii, 30 minutes aerobic (running), 12 minutes strenth, 0 minutes yoga, 3 minutes balance games

And the result is a loss of 3 lbs. So, I have lossed the 2.5 I gained last week plus another 1/2 lb. So, I feel the wii thing is working for me and I am motivated to keep it up.

01-09-09, 12:54 PM
At work we have a tracker so I copied from there in minutes

-1 pound.

January 1 - January 8

Jan 2, 2009
15 brisk walk
Jan 3, 2009
25 muscles workout
Jan 5, 2009
50 brisk Walking/hiking
Jan 6, 2009
10 brisk walking
Jan 6, 2009
23 Muscles workout
Jan 7, 2009
50 Hike; brisk walking
Jan 8, 2009
40 brisk walking

01-10-09, 09:16 AM
poundage status quo

Worked out Mon and Thurs with Mike. Also did some stretching on Fri morning.

01-10-09, 12:30 PM
You guys ROCK! :D

I keep track of my exercise on that food page I'm on and have done that from the beginning of this project, or I wouldn't have stood a chance all these past weeks! :D

I haven't weighed myself yet, but will try to remember to do it tonight at my parents', since it's been a long time. I think I may have gained a pound or two over yule and new years, but we'll see.

Lise stop chatting and post your numbers!


Tues: 2h dance lessons, ate okay
Wed: 30min walk, ate okay
Thur: None, ate okay
Fri: 30min walk, ate well during the day, thought I'd make it, totally binged during the night...huuuuge "red" numbers. :(

I'll try to get in a walk today and eat well.

01-12-09, 09:50 AM
I've been extremely busy with some early spring cleaning - having done so much purging of old "junk" at work, I've become motivated to do so at home as well. Took Friday and today off to do some of it. Totally got absorbed with it and haven't computed at all (not necessarily a bad thing...).

Didn't do too well last week - Monday walked with the dog and Tuesday ran. Other than that, nada. The weather was majorly sucky here too. Weight is still in the range of goal, so no reporting there.

01-13-09, 12:15 AM
My back hurt for a couple of days, then it was suddenly all better.
So I did treadmill/bike 3 days, for longer than usual so that I could finish up Dr. Ratey's book, SPARK. Since the back wasn't hurting, I did resistance stuff the last 2 days. That is so boring, I don't know how people stay with it. I can't even keep track of how many rep's I've done, or how many sets. No wonder it hurts worse some times than others.