View Full Version : Ritalin could've permanently affected my sensory issues

01-18-09, 06:35 AM
I have a sensory integration disorder and the ritalin seems to have exacerbated it. I took ritalin for about 4 months last year in the winter/spring and I still feel abit off (I never overdosed or went beyond 20 mg, in fact I usually took 10 mg). I did take 5 mg aricept a few times but usually spaced this away from the ritalin. Although I did combine it one time since I heard aricept is supposed to potentiate the effects of ritalin.

I get tired quicker in the day and have difficulty concentrating. Plus, I feel sensory overload all the time and feel detached from my environment. I've been having a lot of trouble lately.

I've read ritalin inhibits escessive sensory input. I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar to this.

01-18-09, 02:07 PM
What does your doctor think?

01-18-09, 08:15 PM

01-20-09, 06:44 PM
Send me a PM please! I was on Ritalin for 5 years as a child and I think I had sensory issues before I started but some have worsened...I will respond as soon as I can...I'm interested in why you think Ritalin would have affected your sensory issues?