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01-19-09, 11:47 AM
After taking a GTD seminar last fall, I've been trying to keep lists of tasks. This greatly helps my ADHD characteristics of not remembering, not following through.

On iPhone, i've been using "Things". It's not free, $10, but worth it I think. It has been very useful. It allows you to input to-do's and projects. Everything goes into an "inbox". From there you can further organize by assigning tags.

It allows for the creation of projects and and has a few lists built in: today, calendar, someday and as mentioned above, inbox. I've been using it to capture just about anything that can occupy my mind: to do's, projects, thoughts, habits to form, prayers.

A couple of weeks ago, at Macworld, Things for the Mac was introduced. $49.
It is the desktop version of Things. It syncs with iPHone or iPod touch.

I still struggle to capture everything and to keep my lists up to date, but just the effort of doing so has been very helpful.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Hope this is helpful.

01-26-09, 02:22 PM
I was looking for a good todo app a while back for iphone. I reviewed many, many apps. (Including things). and ultimately decided to purchase OmniFocus (~20$) (btw, this is the only app I have ever purchased from the app store). I decided upon this after having my heart set on "Things", because I heard that Things was supposedly a rough copy of OmniFocus, and OmniFocus was more complete and had more capabilities. I'm writing this post to tell you NOT to buy OmniFocus.. lol. I was sooo disappointed, there was too much to sort out and make work, so I would loose interest in the middle of it. I'm glad "Things" is working for you! - I wish I had gotten that one instead of what I got. . . At least then, even if I didn't like it either, I would be 10$ richer.
One thing that really helps me for organization apps are alarms. (Alarms for ToDo's and such). Things and Omni Focus (and I think even one of the free to-do's) had some cool things that would flag todo's when they were going to be due sometime soon, highlighting them and such, however I didn't fine any apps that would actually provide an alarm or something. Has anyone heard of apps that will do this? I used to have a palm T3 & T5, which did this nicely, but i like the iphone over all WAY better. much much better.

one last note, I know for a fact that having the desktop software AND the mobile app is definitely key to success.. mobile gives you the info when you need it, every where, so you don't forget. the computer gives you quicker and less tedious control over it all.

02-04-09, 02:16 PM
I have friends who have OmniFocus and love it. But, I didn't want it for the EXACT reason you give. It has too much stuff to deal with and learn. I know I will lose interest.

I use Things extensively both on my iPhone and on my Macbook.

02-05-09, 01:01 AM
Google just recently released an iphone friendly version of its gmail tasks app..

On your iphone you can go to