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04-07-03, 09:01 PM
i need a coach in new york (about 60 miles north of nyc)but i am on a very tight budget and can not afford $250 a month for a coach.i am new to this forum so i hope its in the write area,is there a support group that i could go to without being broke or unable to afford? thanks:confused:where can i go?

04-07-03, 09:03 PM
Doogie...Here's a listing of some groups in New York

However, we can try and help you in here as well :)

What do you need help with?

04-07-03, 09:08 PM
life in general,i have ad/hd and it has had devistating effects on my life,too much to go into detail but i think if i start somewhere i can get my life back on track.

04-07-03, 09:14 PM
Ok. There are a couple of NYC groups listed at that link.

If you'd like us to help you with a particular task, pick one, and we'll work it through with you. A task can be something like..."Problem paying bills on time"

Let us know :)

04-07-03, 09:20 PM
thanks,i am new at this and want to get some help.i will keep researching to find what i need.

04-07-03, 09:31 PM
Here are a couple of sites that list AD/HD coaches. I think both the cost and the training differs from coach to coach. Many AD/HD coaches also do coaching via telephone too.

04-07-03, 09:45 PM
thanks for the links,it seems like this is going to take a long time but since i have lived 35 yrs with ad/hd i guess it is not so long.

05-24-03, 03:06 AM
Have you had any luck finding a coach?

05-24-03, 07:24 AM
Originally posted by livingwithadd
Have you had any luck finding a coach? not as of yet,i just found out on thursday from my doctor that they can't use any medication to treat my ad/hd because i am very sensitive to stimulants.on top of everything else my grandfather is very sick,so i have been very busy with that.i may be switching to a different area at work where i would get a 33% raise so things might look better of now it's 1 day at a time, i can look here for help when i need to which is good.i will hopefully find out in a week or two about work,if nothing changes i will need help with some coaching and will get in contact with you. thanks for your concern!!

07-18-03, 10:44 AM
Just wondering how things are going with you.... Hope all is well! :)

07-18-03, 04:16 PM
just taking 1 day at a time for now thanks for checking

07-18-03, 04:19 PM
Doogie a day at a time is it's all anyone has anyway....I hope your grandfather is feeling better....And I hope you get that raise/promotion at work....:)

07-18-03, 04:35 PM
If you are still looking for a coach you may want to think about participating in our peer coaching forum.

I also run a couple of peer coaching groups.

07-18-03, 05:26 PM

One day at a time tends to work for me too...and when that doesn't work, I break it down into hour-long intervals--or even a few minutes at a time! ;)

You're most welcome for being "checked on"--I'm finding this is a wonderful and caring bunch of folks. :D


09-09-03, 10:16 PM
well things are looking better at my job,first the were talking about layoffs and thankfully i was not one of them,now it looks like i am going to get moved to the area were i will get the 33% raise.i will know for sure in 6 weeks.:)

09-09-03, 11:13 PM
That's awesome, doogie! Glad things are looking up for ya!

09-09-03, 11:59 PM
Peer coaching works, and is so inexpensive, just the cost of the phone bill for long distance. My cell phone comes with lots of long distance free, and free minutes at certain times of the day, so I use those. We talk to each other daily, for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer, depending on what our day is like. We give each other 3 goals for the day, and report to each other on the progress on the 3 goals from the day before. We do this M-F, and take weekends off. This is extemely helpful and focusing.

Try finding someone else with ADD you are compatible with, and see if they want to do this with you. I read someone's posts here and thought they made sense, and we ended up becoming peer coaches for each other. Maybe there are others here who would be interested in doing this with you.

Other than the LD costs, if any, its Free.


10-12-03, 11:37 AM
i got the quote "promotion",it still the same area that i work now but it will be 12 hour works out that i work 15 days a month and have 15 days off.there is a 20% shift premium for this and with the overtime that will add (ADD:p )13% to my total salary. 1 other thing is vacation,as of now i get 3 weeks for working 5 8 hour days with 32 comp hours,with the new scheldule i will get the 3 weeks and 84 hours of comp if i plan my vacations carefully including holidays i can get up to 13 weeks vacation a year:D :D .i will have to adjust to the 4 hours more in a day but that should not be a problem since i did it 3 years ago for 2 years previous to an with the 20% shift premium and 13% overtime i will be getting 33% more money and 50% more time off and ??% more vacation a if i can get a real promotion that would be even better!!