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01-25-09, 04:35 AM
Dear all,

I have primary hypothyroidism, and possible ADD. Anyone can relate?

Please, let me know if I am posting in the right spot?

Thank you


02-28-09, 03:39 AM
I have hashimoto with the following hypothyroidism of course and I was just diagnosed with ADHD and I hava had it all of my life..untreated of course. So maybe I can relate.

04-06-09, 09:57 AM
Me to. Born with Hypothyroidism. Is this common? Is there like, a connection between these things, or is it just another coinsidence that sort of sucks?

06-05-09, 08:46 PM
I have secondary Hypothyroidism... life long brain tumor diagnosed at age 12.
First the tumor was decreasing my pituitary function (I was relatively short), than chemo and radiation decreased it more and I was put on several medications... one of which is synthroid.

I now strongly suspect... that I have ADD-I... I also suspect there is a connection
My endocrinologist said that can't be the cause because I've been being treated for hypothyroidism. But If hypothyroidism leads to ADD... and the tumor decreased my growth... maybe I had hypothyroidism all a long until I was 12 and it developed into ADD

06-05-09, 09:43 PM
ADD/ADHD is something you're born with, not something you "develop" ^^

06-06-09, 06:41 AM
yeah, i have hashimoto as well.

antibodies against my thyroid have been increasing lately, and i was on the edge of hypothyreodism / had subclinic hypothyreodism (basically my fT3 and fT4 levels are steady in the normal range, and TSH has increased to >4). i am taking 12.5mg of l-thyroxin for it, which put the hormone (TSH) levels back to normal, but antibodies are still increasing.

as my thyroid is - except for being (in sonography) inhomogen and of low-resonance due to autoimmunethyreoditis - relatively normal (had a scintigraphy done yesterday), that is of almost normal size (1-2ml too large) and of high-normal uptake, AND my blood hormone levels are normal, i dont think it can be related to my symptoms. the doctors seem to think the same.

06-15-09, 08:08 AM
I also have hypothyroid - have been treated with synthroid for more than a decade... and two weeks ago was diagnosed with ADHD (most likely Inattentive). I have noticed a LOT of crossover symptoms between the two, and wonder if they are connected...

seems like we're not alone, though.

07-15-09, 12:31 PM
ADD/ADHD is something you're born with, not something you "develop" ^^

I was under the impression that Hypothyroidism can slow the development of the prefrontal cortex which comes across as ADD-I

I don't think thats why I have ADD... I just suspect it contributed. I think my whole paternal family has ADD

07-15-09, 12:34 PM
ADD/ADHD is something you're born with, not something you "develop" ^^
Also can be trauma induced, it's not always something you're born with.

07-15-09, 06:11 PM
hypothyroidism can cause add-like symptoms. The difference between it and adhd is that in the case of adhd, you still have adhd when it is treated, and in the case of hypothyroid the add-like symptoms may either go away or improve when the hypothyroid problems are treated.

Me :D

07-15-09, 09:00 PM
Also can be trauma induced, it's not always something you're born with.

I'll ask my psych about it then. But personally, I think it is a disorder you must be born with, and affects you from birth. I don't think trauma can cause ADHD, I think it can cause other disorders/illnesses, but I don't think it can cause ADHD. But, I may be wrong, I'll ask my psych about it when I see her on the 29th.

07-31-09, 04:15 PM
I would love to know more about this connection. I have had ADD all of my life as far back as I can remember, but no thyroid problems until age 17 when I had a thyroid "storm" and a nodule was found and then cleared itself. My thyroid function continually decreased after that.

08-03-09, 02:26 PM
Is it possible for ADHD-ers to have hypothyroidism? I would think that it would be hyperthyroidism rather than hypothyroidism, since some of the symptoms of ADHD are similar to hyperthyroidism (insomnia, restlessness, etc)? I'm kinda new to all this and am recently diagnosed myself (ADHD) I'm curious....

09-14-09, 09:59 AM
Howdy, anyone else around here that might have hypothyroidism (any form..)?

09-15-09, 11:44 AM
I am not ADHD (my son is though) and I just this past winter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It runs in my family so it was not a shock...and coincidently runs even stronger (in males as well) on DH's side...infact he's been on meds for 5+ years now.

I remember when my mom was diagnosed, very tired & irritable and gained a TON of weight...I'm sure she'd list more, but that's what I observed (as a kid).

I however had quite different symptoms:

-bad memory, REALLY bad...just could NOT focus
-couldn't stay asleep
-sad, weepy, emotional
-no appetite
-heart palpatations
-little motivation
-poor vision
-irregular or non-existant cycle

I finallly went to the doc after the New Years party that took me more than 4 days to recoup from...I literally felt like my hangover was getting worse by the day...apparently the hypo is also screwing with my hydration & electrolytes.

All the symptoms lead the doc to suspect depression, especially after learning that my son is special needs, and has been since birth.

At my insistance she ran all the bloodwork, particularly thyroid (since I had consulted with my mom prior to my appointment)...sure enough my thyroid was on sabatical...and later we learned that there is a nodule there as well...still waiting on the endo consult on that...

But, I have to say that as I'm getting more balanced, I can identify (or at least I think I can) with much of what is said here about ADHD symptoms...and my symptoms aren't gone either, anytime my body needs extra energy for anything (the most annoying being my monthly) I get all of it back...until my energy demand normalizes again.

And I have this knawing thought in my head, cuz I can't help wonder how long it took for my thyroid to reach such a state...particularly knowing that my hormones have been outta whack for a good decade...I just can't help but wonder how that may have affected my son during my pregnanacy.

And then all this talk lately about Bisphenol A and the way it affects thyroid function...I dunno...there's likely a connection, perhaps a coincidence...but I have this image that one day all this stuff is gonna make sense to the point that people will be slapping themselves in the head...if we are lucky!

09-15-09, 02:36 PM
ive been diagnosed as ad(h)d-I (severely 'I') (i was actually thought to be autistic at one point, i was also thought to be sociopathic aswell), also with a hypothyroid.. but they have since changed the standards for which they measure a thyroid disorder, my TSH levels now read normal (by the new standards)


09-15-09, 04:12 PM
Get yourself a new dr...

My husbands levels were always normal, but he had these persistent symptoms...finally his doc said, let's give this med a whirl, at low levels and see if it helps, if it doesn't we'll need to look into other specialists to figure out what's going on...

He took the low level and many of his symptoms reduced...but then he was able to say...geeze I can think clearer, didn't even realize I was a bit distracted...his dr said, good we are on the right track...gave him a bigger dose, and blam that rash he couldn't get rid of disappeared...and one more time and that persistent gum infection FINALLY went away, and so did the night husband couldn't believe how badly his concentration was affected until it was better...

It helps that his primary care is an all these little things that he'd been complaining about, the rash, the abcess, etc were registering in his head.

What his doc said, that range of normal is simply an average and a guide for's not all depends on what YOUR normal is.

If you don't have a base line to compare to, it takes a little educated thought to figure it's not all about those tests...if it were I could be a doc, ya know.

Good luck!

10-01-09, 11:25 AM
A friend of mine recently sent me this link, I thought you may find it interesting:

The Audience
02-07-10, 09:49 PM
I have hypothyroidism to. I can't say I think there is a connection between hypothyroidism and ADD because hypothyroidism is very common in the general population.

I had regular blood tests before my thyroid became 'hypo', and I definitely had my ADD symptoms long before any thyroid abnormalities occured. However, the symptoms got a lot worse when my thyroid became hypo (eg. my memory was appalling).

03-24-10, 05:48 PM
I also have Hashimotos and ADD.

11-12-10, 05:16 PM
ELEVEN people? Out of 19 posts, ELEVEN have hypothyroidism or Hashimotos? Is it more than a coincidence that Hypothyroidism, and ADHD, are marked by poor concentration? Is it more than a coincidence that both diseases are often misdiagnosed or go undiagnosed?

Hypothyroidism is supposed to affect just 3% of the population. This is Not supposed to be a common disease. However unscientific, this is striking and suggests a strong correlation between ADHD/ Medication / Hypothyroidism.

For eleven people to have hypothyroidism, that suggests at least 600 others should have posted indicating that they did Not have hypothyroidism. Clearly that's not happening. In fact, I highly doubt more than 100 people have even viewed this thread (we're all probably contributing 10-20 hits on the thread's post count).

Not offense to the topic, but this is one of the more obscure, less-read areas of Yet, we have post after post of people with hypothyroidism.

So, is this an anomoly, or an overlooked correlation?

Is hypothyroidism causing the ADHD, or is the medication causing hypothyroidism?

If you look at the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, they're very similar to ADHD, and Adderall would seem like a perfect treatment. It deals with weight-gain, it increases your many of us are treating our hypothyroidism, thinking we're treating ADHD? sed.htm

I feel like this topic needs more exposure...a larger population sample if you will. Something is up here.

02-10-11, 04:52 AM
I always monitor my thyroid levels. I have hypothyroidism too. I am taking natural thyroid and I am grateful to have positive results.

nutri-meds (

04-16-11, 01:33 PM
I think what people need to understand is that hashimoto's is an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. No one should be on thyroid meds (armour, synthroid, etc.) unless you have full blown hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's is a wake up call. My daughter was running around with vague symptoms for 3 years, and no one knew what it was. She tested positive and negative for lyme (it is prevalent in our area), and she couldn't focus, was on antibiotics and felt better for a while, had ankle swelling, hair loss, and no motivation and slept till the cows came home mimicking depression. However, she is at a very rigorous academy (now 16 but was 13 when her symptoms first appeared), and so she gets very little sleep. It takes her a long time to do homework, due to the focusing, yet her grades are A's and B's but she could be doing better in her B subjects (like math for example where she cannot process algebra).

We met the most wonderful dr who practices traditional and alternative methods and teaches at Yale. We went to him one time and he tested my daughter's thyroid antibodies which no dr had done. She had low antibodies to strep and pneumoccus when she was a baby, and the immunologist never picked up hashimoto's; however, he was giving her 2 flu shots and 2 pneumonia shots a year to build antibodies and it didn't work. Not only did it not work, it further weakened her immune system!

Her dumb pediatrician kept treating her for sinusitis and prescribed massive doses of antibiotics, and it was asthma and acid reflux that she had (I found out after 36 days of school were missed! A pulmonologist tested her and found both diseases plus vocal cord dysfunction). She went on prevacid to fix the acid reflux. It was so bad it destroyed her vocal cords! And she went on flovent for the asthma.

Years of vaccines and antibiotics wore down her immune system. The immune system problems always stem from the gut and intestinal flora being unbalanced. This dr found that her thyroid antibodies were 460 (norm is 0-50), and he prescribed Fish Oil 2 softgels twice a day (so intake was bout 1600 EPA and 1400 DHA per day), time released probiotics (30 billion - 15 in am; 15 in pm), magnesium, selenium (100mcg), a multi vitamin and I added 1000mg vit C plus her vit D3 levels were low (23) and he prescribed 5000mg/day with one single dose of 50,000IU's once a week for 6 weeks to rapidly increase her levels. Two months later, her antibodies were down to 350.

If you stop the immune system from attacking the thyroid, you will ward off hypothyroidism. It can be inevitable if you do not follow protocol. Once you have hypothyroidism, it is not reversable. We are trying to quell the immune system so it won't turn into hypo. I have to say it is extremely difficult because my D does not like taking all her vitamins (and teens like rebeling!) and she has food sensitivities which inflame the immune system and cause it to attack as well. Some of the foods she was eating daily were causing her antibodies to rise (chocolate, rice, grains, tea/coffee, gluten, meats, even some fruits and veggies). The diet is the hardest part.

But if you do this, you won't have to take those hormones. The earlier you catch this insidious disease, the better. It DOES have symptoms of ADD and my daughter can use the extra time on tests at school, but the school won't give a medical exception sadly.

It is a horrible disease!