View Full Version : I cant organize my life with software or gadgets.. because..

01-25-09, 08:18 AM
I think so much - that I am forced to make myself remember it all in my head. If i stop to look it up in a palm pilot - I am just slowing myself down, and everyone knows what having to slow down and interrupt that hyper-focused thinking process means. TOTAL ANNOYANCE. As much as I LOVE gadgets , iPods, iTouches, Ham Radio's you name it I have read about it in depth!

I don't even own a cell phone.

01-25-09, 09:43 AM
Are you able to keep it all in your head?

If it works for you and you can remember stuff, that is great.

I just use a little pocket calender - I can't seem to get around the gadgets for stuff like that - to me, they do seem just a bit more inaccessible and a couple more steps to get in the way of my info - and that makes it easier to get frustrated and not bother and forget. Pen and paper all the way for me! LOL!

01-25-09, 02:32 PM
same for me! although I have an ipod for music (which of course I keep forgetting to recharge and keep forgetting to download stuff), I just have a small notebook always in my purse. gadgets = one more thing to worry about as far as I'm concerned.

01-25-09, 02:37 PM
I just started using my iPod Touch as a PDA, i sync it with Google calendar. I know what you mean about pretty much remembering everything, but I can remember @ 9:55 that I have a 10:00 meeting and then at 10:15 realize that i forgot to dial in.

Plus there are soooo apps for it that can help kepp you organized, its just a matter of making a commitment to using them

01-27-09, 07:51 PM
If you have trouble keeping these details in your head then perhaps you could write it down??


01-27-09, 09:12 PM
as far as these details we need to remember go, i'm sure many of them are . " oh i'll do it later or tomorrow" then pshhhhhhhhhhh- there it goes, never to be thought of again or for awhile, and it barely gets past that beginning interest

02-06-09, 12:27 PM
I will use the calendar function on my phone for about a week and forget about it.........I never remember to program in events.

However, a simple (large) calendar works really well for me. I write all the events in pencil (so I can erase if i need to) but outline them in coloured pencil and add stickers for colour and to help me remember.

At the beginning of the year I write down the birthdays and major events, and then at the beginning of each month I sit down with the pencils and stickers and write everything down.

It`s simple and old fashioned ......but it works for me!

02-06-09, 12:31 PM
The real trick with using gadgetry to help me remember things is to remember to use the gadgetry in the first place. Its a catch-22

Song of Mercy
02-06-09, 06:13 PM
Oh man, remembering things is a challange. I have a pda...I cant figure the d*** thing out. Why does someone not right a book on how to sync with outlook, then for that matter where are the d*** instructions to outlook. AND...Why do they make sync with other mail so hard????? Oh i'm in a near anxiety attack (jk) I better get off this topic....


02-06-09, 06:33 PM
I can't keep anything in my head for longer than it takes to think about it the first time. That's just history that I think will always be there. Tried the written system only, but couldn't 'sort' or 'find' stuff - my filing strategies always change from day to day (I tend to 'reboot' my paradigms and myself frequently). And I couldn't get the binder to explode or something at the appropriate times. :) So I went to the gadgets so I could find stuff by searching and beep, vibrate or whistle at me when I had to do things.

But it's a never ending cycle. I use a spreadsheet to put down all the details of stuff I have to do at work, at home, the kids schedules, wife's schedule, my action items, and then transfer it to a web calendar and then synch outlook at work and then outlook to my phone. So I have an alarm the the late PM to remind me to do the excel file and one of the recurring tasks in the file is to synch with web and outlook at work has a pop up every weekday to synch the phone. It's cumbersome, it's a nuisance, it works.

After all of that gadgetry is done, I also still keep a planner with pages that I've designed myself for appointments, to do's, etc. I keep that up regularly - like every day and keep it with me always. Why? because I have to compare the written with the gadgets - there's ALWAYS a discrepancy somewhere during the week.

02-06-09, 08:13 PM
Welcome, leroysch!

Hey, would you mind define (detail) the phrase, "(I tend to 'reboot' my paradigms and myself frequently)?"

I have tried the DayTimer thing, designed my own, designed my own handheld version, and am using Outlook. But now I thing I will go back to written again. I spend so much time planning my planner that my plans tend to be ignored! The system is cumbersome, it's a nuisance, it doesn't work!

02-14-09, 11:37 AM
I just got my itouch and am looking for apps for it. So far the best "gadget" for organizing for me is the good old set of 3x5 cards. I study from them and write my daily stuff to do on them.