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01-26-09, 08:25 AM
I thought I was diagnosed ADHD when I was a kid but unsure.

I went back to my GP for a checkup after being diagnosed depression and put in citalopram. Re-did the symptoms checklist, with concentration and restlessness still high.

He said he would see me in 3 months and wrote out a counselling referral form.

I mentioned "is this cause of ADHD, I think thats whats caused my depression". He said "its a possibility".

He said he may see me sooner. When I was walking back to the reception, I noticed the form said "I have a history of ADHD etc".

So Im unsure whether I was diagnosed already or whether hes assumed it. I doubt its an assumption?

As he mentioned seeing me sooner is he checking out funding for meds?

If not how would I go about meds, as hes already acknowledged ADHD.

01-26-09, 05:41 PM
GPs can't prescribe the usual meds for ADHD, only a psychiatrist can.

Ask for another appointment and when you get in just ask - it sounds like the GP is ADHD friendly already, which is good news.

I'm against Citalopram myself (ADHD is not a serotonin problem) since it's only treating the symptom of depression.

Do you self medicate with caffeine/booze/stimulants? Depression + self medication (to stimulate neurotransmitters) is a pretty good indicator for ADHD. But not foolproof.

01-26-09, 06:22 PM
I self medicate with coffee, tea and cigarettes during the day which helps a little to keep me alert; And alcohol within safe limits to chill out at night. Used to use cannabis helped abit but gave up. Tried coke once and that made me feel "normal" without a buzz.

shrek mad
01-27-09, 04:59 PM
I also live in the UK i found a lot of frustration trying to get sorted out as an adult, they sent me to see a different adhd specialist when i moved to be re-diagnosed, the psychiatrist put me on concerta xl as it is licensed in adults in this country, and it does help and they have refered me for Dialetic behavioural therapy which isnt designed for people with adhd but has proved to be useful in helping individuals control their behaviour better, i have yet to go to it as the waiting list but if you ask the local nhs mental health department should be better able to direct you, advise you and prescribe medication.