View Full Version : Great Smartphone software

01-26-09, 02:35 PM
So I had to share this because it is already helping me out a lot.

I recently got a treo700wx with windows mobile on it. I like the today page but it just didn't have what i wanted on it. I found a program called SPB Diary. This is great. When i turn the display on I see a list now of all appointments and tasks I have due that day. The tasks even have a little checkbox next to them to mark completed. it is so handy to be able to see a nice list like this grouped together. it also has a contacts tab that you can make 5 picture contacts into speed dials.

The next thing I found was SPB financial. This is great because it will sync with quicken. That way if I am at the store I can input the info right away and not forget what I bought.

Hope this helps!