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mADD mike
01-30-09, 12:32 AM
Okay, so here another week has come and gone. I know several of us have been dealing with ice and snow storms, so we've had interesting weeks. I hope everyone has power and is safe and as comfortable as they can be.

Myself, the snow and ice storm has really kept us from working as much as we'd normally work, costing us money, and since our work is physical, the benefits of said work. I'm disappointed that I didn't do more working out this week, because I've had the time. However, when planned activities disappear and I have nothing else planned, I'm not good at coming up with something to do. I will usually sit there doing nothing, hoping for something to do to come find me, rather than me going to find it.

So, I've worked out 2 days this week. And not a really long workout either. I've pledged to work out for 15 minutes a day, each morning if possible, for the upcoming week. I've just got to get in gear, because I'm kind of slipping, and I don't want to. I hate that feeling.

Your turn.........

mADD mike
01-30-09, 09:00 AM
This is actually LostInTheStars!
:o I forgot to log Mike out. I can't believe that has not happened before now!

I know several of us have been dealing with ice and snow storms, so we've had interesting weeks.

It has been very bad for many people. But at the same time, it is so beautiful!

My weight has gone up one pound. When you eat better food, it doesn't help you if you eat more! :p

I was also painfully inactive this week. My official workouts only happened twice as well.

01-30-09, 11:08 AM
Twice this week for me too. Tuesday a 50 minute walk and Thursday a 30 minute walk.

01-30-09, 03:54 PM

I hope the next week is better for each of us!

A nurse practitioner I visited yesterday really (unprofessional, sloppy, with way too much attitude!) burned my biscuits! Her "don't give me that" tone of voice and mannerisms started well before I began to ask about trying something other than Welbutrin and Ritalin.

My former primary physician recently began a well deserved retirement, so I had to settle for an NP. "I don't see any diagnosis (for ADD) in your records. I'm not going there." It went from bad to nasty in .125 seconds. She asked if I exercised and even snickered when I said I walk 30min. 3x wk. - and she's boarderline obese! That's just wrong on so many levels!

I am horrible at confrontation, but this person pushed me way over the line! I was treated as though I was a moron who was trying to start a sidewalk pharmacy!

Well, anyway, I can see it is going to take at least an hour to walk off this much anger and frustration! I am so looking forward to it! If I do this right, tomorrow morning I will be sore and tired and a whole lot happier!

Folks, just knowing you guys are watching is a big motivation to me! Let's do it!

01-30-09, 04:31 PM
Well......I gained 2.3 lbs.Bummer:(

exercise on-

1-25-09- walked 1 mile

1-27-09- 30 minutes wii aerobic, 11 minutes wii strenth, 16 minutes wii yoga, 3 minutes balance games (1 hour)

1-28-09- 30 minutes x 2 wii aerobic ( 1 hour)

1-29-09- 15 minute walk with kids pulling the wagon, 16 minutes wii yoga, 14 minutes wii strength (45 minutes)

I really thought I was going to loss weight not gain it.

01-31-09, 10:12 PM
Ugh, bad week, did a pitiful 2 workouts this week due to long appointments every day after work. BUT I lost another pound because I'm being careful about what I eat (lower carbs) and thinking about everyone here.

So, so far since joining, I've lost three pounds, most of that was holiday weight. :-)

02-01-09, 09:33 PM
First of all: I have not reported my weight on here for ages, but I went on my parent's weight this evening, and: Since I started here on GFC and started on a Danish online diet site, I've lost a total of 23lbs. :D

This is, of course an EXERCISE THREAD, so here's the important stuff:

Sat: 70min walk, ate good
Sun: 60min dance lesson, 30min walk, ate good
Mon: 3h dance lessons, 30 min walk, ate good
Tues: 2h dance lessons, 30 min walk, ate good
Wed: 110min walk, ate good
Thur: 30 min walk, totally a friend's house for amazing dinner and good times! I COULD have eaten less and still be full, though. Heehee...aaargh...
Fri: 30 min walk, ate good

FTR: I have chosen to put up my calorie intake from now on and at least a fortnight forward, because I have been feeling very hungry lately. I have had to take a lot of walks to be able to eat enough to just feel decent, and after two weeks of that and no sign of adjustment, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up if I didn't give myself a break. I gave it good thought and didn't do it on impulse a week ago (I was SO close!) but I feel good about having done it now. :)
I will of course keep up my level of exercise the best I can, and I have been doing good for the first couple of days, I think. :)

I'm doing good in this aspect of my life atm, and I really enjoy it.
I know it's far from always like this with me, so I take care to really enjoy it when it is!

Now...tuesday I have to go see the psych for assessment.
So along with talking a walk, I'll probably **** my pants.
I'm very worried he doesn't take me seriously.
I'm trying to be positive, but I can feel that I'm afraid that he'll just turn out to be just another name on the list of health care professionals who have blew me off... :S

But I so, so hope he's the last doc I will have to see in a very, very long time, except from the guy/gal who's going to tie my tubes in not too long. ;)
Wish me luck, guys - tuesday 1:45pm.

02-01-09, 11:35 PM
Sorry about my late reporting - again. You probably expect that by now.

I only went to the gym once last week. Too many other irons in the fire. But I re-joined for another 3 months.

The weather here (southern Arizona) is getting decent in the daytime, so I went for a nice walk along the [dry] river one day this week. Then I went bike shopping and bought one! It's been a few (ahem) years since I've ridden but nothing hurts so I guess I'm OK.

My eating wasn't great this week. So I'll skip weighing myself.

02-02-09, 07:22 AM
Hey Dave it's an ADD's only worth being ashamed and out of sorts if you're on time! :D

So, maybe you've done less exercise than you set out for, but you took positive steps to aid your chances of succes in the long run, that's great! :)

- And you did SOME exercise! :)