View Full Version : so lets tap into our daydreaming, and take advantage of it's power.

02-01-09, 01:34 PM
so start with the "what ifs"

or you can do, "why is....?"

and the person after you can either come up with a new one or chain onto a connecting one of yours.

i can't think of one yet...

02-04-09, 02:33 PM
Is inertia and hyperfocusing on the net actually a fear of boredom or being alone with one's thoughts? And OMG.. Im not going to ponder... what would I DO if I find that it IS?!

*tabs back to facebook*

02-04-09, 08:47 PM
i'd say the second one?
man this isn't going the direction I figured...

02-08-09, 07:18 AM
why is the sky blue? is that the sort of thing you're looking for?
what if life is just a dream or a game or something, and we are really some sort of greater beings, or something else completely.. something we couldn't even imagine.

I came up with a theory on impulsity with add last night, it probably has already been thought of or completely wrong.. but maybe adders are so quick to make a decision because they're scared of thinking too long because they'll forget or start thinking about somethhing completely different. I dunno why I put this here, but anyway..

why is fire warm? what is fire? and why can you make it from rubbing sticks together, just doesn't make sense..

how the hell do computer/tv/whatever screens work? weird.

02-08-09, 11:11 AM
what if I could go back and fix all my mistakes:)

02-08-09, 02:38 PM
ebzy i do believe that it why atleast some of us are impulsive, I know I make every decision that way because I know i am soon going to forget about it completely and it's importance to my life will be taken away and punish me somehow.

doesn't your life feel like a dream as a daydreamer? sometimes i look up after zoning out at a piece of my bedroom furniture, and i'm like, man, where am I? this piece of furniture is weird if I look at all the details and it seems so big and non 3rd like. Like it's an object, but not an object, and then I daydream again and see the same piece of furniture again, and see the connection I have with that piece of furniture as it is nothing because I can't move. this happens with people a lot.

I feel like my life is viewed in a dream I live in and the people around me treat me like a dream too and feed me whatever I believe. I'm not sure why sometimes people laugh at me when I feel like i'm just having a conversation. Maybe their being sarcastic and i'm talking about it like it's serious.

so does the dream only exist? hmm...

I mean, we are just creatures, living and doing whatever to pass the time until we die. Somehow, the normals are connected to everything and everyone, and I am not. When I read a thing in the paper or a book, I do not see what actually is there and connecting to the truth of what it is talking about. I see what idea I have formed in my mind to part of a sentence and then whatever I formed in my mind later on the next paragraph in which is a completely new story in my eyes and attention span. Hm yea what they call focus is not really focus for me it is whatever i'm paying attention to at the moment and creating a spin off in my mind, a story, relating all of my distractions around me towards it and whatever else I am thinking about. To me, it is organized, but to others, it doesn't make sense at all.

so, what if, the mind is seperate and the body is just mimicking what the brain tellls, do we really have souls? or are we just like a robot, with emotions? Gods or natures experiment to see if the game formed inside of a hypothesis really works out and can survive off of it? The idea, doesn't make the daydreaming so bad, because it wouldn't make life seem like it actually mattered what the brain and body did with itself till it diseased.

why does evil exist? why does a human have the urge to commit a sin? Well mainly, because it simply can. Eve ate the apple. Satan thought different from all the other angels, God gave him a choice, and he chose to want to have more power than God. Is that the answer, power? competition? level of class?

02-08-09, 02:39 PM
why do I have the attention span to say all that crap and still can't make myself do other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1