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From ADD to Alzheimer's
Healing and Nurturing the Brain Throughout the Lifespan
Presented by Amen Clinics, Inc., A Medical Corporation
with Dr. Daniel Amen
This special one day course is being presented by Dr. Daniel Amen in 26 cities across America. Earn 7 hours Continuing Education (CE) for qualifying Healthcare Professionals.

Phone Registrations: (949) 266-3715
Click Here For Course Detailed Information in PDF Brochure

From ADD to Alzheimers will help you:
Explain brain development as it relates to mental health and mental illness
Discuss the brain systems involved with ADD, anxiety, depression, autism, learning and memory problems
Develop specific treatment strategies to target different brain systems in psychiatric illnesses
Explain how supplements, mental and physical exercises, and psychotherapy can enhance the brain
Discuss the steps to keeping the brain healthy as we age

Eligibility: This program is open to professionals in health related fields; its also suitable for the general population.

Course Dates

4/2 Los Angeles, CA
4/3 Fresno, CA
4/22 Philadelphia, PA
4/24 Baltimore, MA
4/25 Richmond, VA
5/18 Raleigh, NC
5/19 Charleston, SC
5/21 Orlando, FL
6/4 San Francisco, CA
6/5 San Diego, CA
6/24 Anchorage, AK
7/13 Portland, OR
7/14 Spokane, WA
7/16 Seattle, WA
8/12 Anaheim, CA
8/13 Las Vegas, NV
8/26 Sacramento, CA
8/27 Monterey, CA
9/9 Minneapolis, MN
9/10 Chicago, IL
10/5 Boston, MA
10/6 Washington, DC
10/8 New York, NY
10/26 Dallas, TX
10/27 St. Louis, MO
10/29 Atlanta, GA
Course Agenda

7:15 Registration and CME/CE Check In

8:00 Understanding/Healing the Brain In Sickness and Health

9:00 Basic principles of the brain and behavior, what weve learned from looking at 20,000 brain scans
How brain imaging adds to understanding
Brain development, in sickness and in health
Disease development throughout the lifespan
Brain systems of behavior, cognition, and emotions (prefrontal cortex, anterior and posterior cingulate gyrus, temporal lobes/deep limbic system, parietal lobes, basal ganglia, cerebellum)

10:30 From ADD to Alzheimers (Diagnosis and Treatment) Each section will contain a description of the disorder, brain scans to illustrate underlying physiology, and treatment recommendation depending on level of severity and comorbidity from medication, diet, supplements and mental and physical exercises
ADD from birth to old age (its not just a childhood disorder)
Anxiety and mood disorders and how they change with age, including early bipolar disorder

12:00 Lunch (on your own)

1:00 From ADD to Alzheimers
Autistic spectrum disorders throughout life
Learning disorders/differences throughout life,

3:00 Healing/Nurturing the Brain throughout the Lifespan
How effective psychotherapy enhances brain function
EMDR for trauma and performance enhancement
Biofeedback and neurofeedback
ANT therapy (cognitive exercises)
How medications change the brain in good and bad ways, the latest medications for optimizing brain function
High quality natural supplements can optimize the brain
Myths and misconceptions about supplements
How to judge quality of products
Specific products we recommend
Fish oil, gingko biloba, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, phosphatidal serine, St. Johns Wort, SAMe, glutathione, amino acids, vitmains E, C, B and more
Food as medicine for the brain (bad diets encourage both ADD and Alzheimers, find out which diets are best for the brain it depends on your brain type)
Specific steps to preventing Alzheimers disease
Future brain treatments in the pipeline, such as nerve Growth factors, vaccines, stem cells, and surgeries for OCD and Alzheimers disease, transcranial magnetic stimulation

Summary, Conclusions, Final Questions

4:30 Adjourn

. $199 Early Registration (postmarked 14 or more days prior to workshop)
. $225 Regular registration (by noon the day prior)
. $249, Late Registration (if space available, on-site registration)
. Discount (one per person)
. groups of 3 or more (less $15 per registration -- must be mailed together)
. Student (less $25US with verification)
. $150 Course aide (see "Course aides" under Course Information. Call for availability)

Why You Should Attend

From ADD to Alzheimers will give you practical tools to help your patients/clients heal and keep their brains healthy throughout their lives. Good mental health care involves prevention, as well as accurate diagnosis and treatment. You will leave this course with exciting, specific new information to improve your clinical skills and outcomes.

You will learn how to evaluate and treat ADD, anxiety and mood disorders, autistic spectrum disorders and learning and memory problems as they occur throughout the lifespan. Examples from childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the elderly will be given for each of these problems. As unusual as it sounds, all of these disorders affect the young and old. It is now estimated that Alzheimers disease starts 20-50 years before people have symptoms, and prevention must start early! Also, ADD does not stop at puberty for most who have it and bipolar disorder can start before kids begin school.

Based on his extensive clinical work with patients using brain SPECT imaging spanning 13 years and over 20,000 scans, Dr. Amen has described the underlying brain patterns for each of the disorders, which he will discuss, and how each pattern impacts treatment. Many before and after treatment scans will be shown to demonstrate how one can truly change the brain and thus help change peoples lives.

Medications are clearly a double-edged sword. They can make things better and worse. We will look at medications, natural supplements, and other options to balance brain function, including diet and physical and mental exercise.

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Thank You Tara

This is something I wish to show to the Alzheimer's Society here in Clinton where we have a chapter.

My Doctor is also interested in this as I have discussed it with him many times and he has spoken to some of his colleges.

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