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02-05-09, 03:25 PM
My doctor gave me attenol for an adjunct for test anxiety. I take it and find it does help clear my mind for some odd reason. What is the difference between attenol and clonidine? I ran a search on attenol and found that some people who take it have strange feelings in their hands and some reported increases in anxiety? I'm like what? Isn't this supposed to help situational anxiety with little to no sides , I thought beta blockers were safe and easy to use.

02-06-09, 09:57 AM
Both Atenolol and Clonodine work on the neurotransmitter noradrenaline and reduce blood pressure, but they hit different receptors. Clonodine hits alpha2 receptors, and atenolol hits beta receptors.

IDK why they say a possible side effect is an increase in anxiety. Some of the beta blockers (especially propranolol/inderal) can cause vivid dreams and other odd side effects (possibly increasing anxiety). . . Possibly they just have to warn you of just about any weird side effect that has been reported by more than a few ppl in the trials. Often times, when the drug is used for a purpose other than one that it was originally intended (in your case anxiety instead of lowering blood pressure), the doses are different, and so the side effects are slightly different as well.

02-06-09, 10:48 AM

attenol 25mg use as directed. I was supposed to use if prior to exams , in college but I graduated and never used it often. Well, my dr. called it in again and said to use it as needed since I'm a broker and get anxious....long story short I just now started to take one if at work I experienced blocking ( that is so much going on with being a broker that I can't relax and think straight) . Thus, I've found out that when I do take one I can think just like I used to in college , it's weird. I just didn't know if at that dose their were side effects like increased anxiousness which oddly enough is what is was prescribed for.

02-14-09, 04:43 PM
Beta stimulation actually slows NE reuptake slightly. So a beta blocker would slightly increase NE levels. Its main effects are a decrease in heart rate + muscle tension and reduction in blood pressure. One unique thing about attenol is it does not pass the blood/brain barrier like inderol or propanolol. So it may lack any effect on neurologic NE levels.


02-14-09, 07:51 PM
Beta blockers have not been approved by the FDA to treat anxiety, but that doesn't make any difference. They work mostly for performance anxiety or stage fright, by blocking the physical effects of anxiety, and don't have much effect on your emotional state of anxiety. They are supposed to stop tremors, racing hearbeat, sweating, and other things people experience when they are in an anxiety/stressful situation.

I've never heard of it being prescribed for test anxiety, although I suppose if your symptoms are mostly physical it could help. But to calm your feelings down, and to clear your mind, there are so many more appropriate anti-anxiety meds that you could use.

Clonidine I have not heard of as being treatment for anxiety. It can be used to treat ADHD; I've heard of it being used at night to allow people on stimulants to sleep.

Its symptoms can be anxiety, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness,fatigue, headache,nervousness, sedation, rebound hypertension, etc.