View Full Version : Michigans first annual ADDer picnic.....

03-31-04, 04:34 PM
Hello for those of you who have not seen any of my other posts about this event i will let you know now. I am hosting the first annual ADDer picnic in Michigan. It will be held the weekend of June 12th in Cheboygan Michigan. Yes that is up near the Mackinaw Bridge. If you would like to bring a camper and stay in one of our many beautiful campgrounds that is fine or we also have a large side yard that i am sure we can put up tents for people who would like to stay at our place....but i only have so much room so if this would be a option i would need to know soon. But there are many really nice hotels and motels in the area as well. I will be trying to take on most of the preperations but if there is anything anyone would like to do to help it would be appreciated. there are several stores in the area for the fresh meat and veggies....Super Wallyworld...whoo hoo!!! LOL

Anyhow if you would like more info please pm me and i will do my best to fill you i am not real sure what i am doing at this time....first time doing this and all...if you have any suggestions it would also be appreciated. Thanks and hugs to you all

04-04-04, 01:43 PM
ok i am not sure if maybe this isnt getting read because nobody is interested or if it is not something people want or all of the above. but it is sure to be a blast and anyone who will be in the area is more than welcome to attend...just pm me and let me know and i can get directions and such to you. thanks and have a great day