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02-07-09, 04:13 PM
Hi - Can anyone in the Denver area recommend any of these doctors for treatment of adult ADHD? I am currently being treated. However, I have had problems with my medication for a long time and think that it might be time for some fresh ideas.


Arvada, CO
George M. Kalousek, MD
Daniel J. Abrams, MD
Mary N. Cook, MD
Alan S. Fine, MD
Guido KW. Frank, MD
Frederick B. Hebert, MD
Lori Holland, DO
Michael Weissberg, MD
Jason D. Williams, PSYD
Joel Yager, MD
Attilio B. Catanzano, MD
William L. Fink, MD
L B. Hersch, MD
Mark G. Leifeste, MD
Joey A. Lerner, MD
William Wenokor, MD
Howard J. Entin, MD
Denver, CO
Kristin M. Brousseau, DO
Joseph L. Christenson, MD
Claudia L. Clopton, MD
Lynne L. Fenton, MD
Daniel K. Foss, MD
Guido KW. Frank, MD
Denver, CO (cont.'d)
Guido KW. Frank, MD
Nikolas Golosow, MD
David T. Handley, MD
Carol Hauk, MD
Frederick B. Hebert, MD
Frederick B. Hebert, MD
Alison M. Heru, MD
Alison M. Heru, MD
Kim Kelsay, MD
Anita R. Kumar-Gill, MD
Jean Kunin, MD
Sandra E. Loftin, MD
Joseph B. Mendozza, MD
William Niederhut, MD
Ann Olincy, MD
Randolph W. Pock, MD
Thomas E. Renaghan, MD
Brian A. Rothberg, MD
Clifford H. Siegel, MD
Edward C. Smith, MD
H Hersey Sollod, MD
Carolyn S. Tank, MD
Richard L. Vandenbergh, MD
Frederick Wamboldt, MD
Kenneth L. Weiner, MD
Neil A. Weiner, MD
Hal S. Wortzel, MD
Englewood, CO
Richard W. Rewey, MD
Englewood, CO (cont.'d)
David M. Weiss, MD
Wallace L. Labaw, MD
Theron Sills, MD
Daniel Hoffman, MD
Highlands Ranch, CO
Natalie Hogan, MD
Robert E. Kleinman, MD
Susan A. Black, MD
Cheryl A. Dasler, MD
Nikolas Golosow, MD
Christine W. Peragine, MD
Christopher Drew, MD
Robin C. Eicher, MD
Steven P. Miller, MD
Glenn T. Kimata, MD

02-15-09, 12:14 PM
All post referencing doctors in the Colorado area are copied and placed in this thread. ( There is some long post by dragna that I have yet to comb though for this state but there are also some later post by other members.

There is also a link to a thread that is a collection of directories I labeled according to country. It takes a bit of reading and clicking some times to find the information sought.