View Full Version : found ADD/AHDH coaches australia on web!!

02-09-09, 12:11 AM
Hello all!,

Just to let you know i found a website for ADD/ADD coaches australia.Its a professional looking site-just emailed them for pricing and enquiries. I couldnt believe i recieved a return email within half an hour. I dont think im supposed to leave a link for their website. ???? :(

I guess you could just pm me for it?

PS: prices are affordable!

Have a good day!!:)

02-15-09, 12:35 PM
Actually unless it is another on line community like this one, an advertisement for a specific coach or a solicitation you personally benefit from then it can be posted as I have numbers directories post in all sorts of various sections here.

I am trying to stream line resources so if you could post a copy in this thread ( I would appreciate it.Pm me with any questions you may have. Thanks