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02-10-09, 12:07 AM
Paraphrased from Scientific American Mind magazine, Feb/Mar 2009 issue
Six Ways to Boost Brain Power by Emily Anthes

1. Exercise
Studies have revealed that exercise can improve the brain's executive functions which include planning, organizing and multitasking.

2. Diet
Saturated fat is no better for your brain than for your body. Diets with high saturated fats affect cognitive performance (at least in rats). Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the brain and eat you veggies for the anti-oxidant value to clean up the free-radicals in your brain.

3. Stimulants
Stimulants help by activating the central nervous system. Two cups of coffee can boost short term memory and reaction time. Of course they say to stay away from amphetamines.

4. Video Games
Video games can improve mental dexterity while boosting eye hand coordination, depth perception and pattern recognition. Gamers also have better attention spans and information processing skills.

5. Music
Music can activate your brain's reward centers and depress activity in the amygdala, the hub of emotional memory, reducing fear and other negative feelings.

6. Meditation
Meditation can increase the thickness of the cerebral cortex, particularly in regions associated with attention and sensation. The growth occurs from existing neurons making more connections and not from new neurons coming into existance.

This article made no mention of ADD. However if you replace video gaming with computer based cognitive training, it sure seems like the basic prescription for managing ADD.

02-16-09, 07:26 AM
So the follow on questions are:
If you take a classic ADDer and submit them to all of these processes how would they fare?

Would you find a large of small reduction in ADD symptoms?