View Full Version : Anyone done the 3day CBT at Maudsley?

02-11-09, 07:28 AM

I have been placed on a waiting list for a 3 day CBT course for adults with ADHD. This is run by the Maudsley ADHD clinic.

Just wondered if anyone here has done it or knows someone that has? Am interested to hear if it was useful at all!

Cheers : )

03-09-09, 09:23 AM
They want me to do it yes. It is on a letter from my psychiatrist, confirming my diagnosis.

03-09-09, 11:18 AM
I'm still waiting for my slot, are you going to do it?

03-09-09, 01:06 PM
I would do. My current position is that I am waiting for the PCT to pay for my follow-up treatment - also, my GP says she cannot prescribe me any meds without the psychiatrist prescribing first (for three months). The NICE guidelines do say this. The psychiatrist needs to prescribe me first...she should have told me.

if the PCT needs to fund my post diagnosis treatment (and it would be pointless funding my diagnosis where treatment is recommended and then not agreeing to it)

I would definitely do CBT as it would be nice to be able to learn how to cope without meds. That is my overall aim, to live with ADHD without taking drugs, but right now, I really need them...

03-10-09, 05:25 AM
Let us know how you get on if you get your funding. I was supposed to going around now but yeh, I can see that being a few months more : )