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02-14-09, 09:40 AM
Hi guys,
I have an issue with phones and mobiles and for the first time yesterday my hubby explained how he felt and i felt like i had been hit by a rock. I suppose for years now i have been unaware so to speak. I have been terrible for blaming every one else.

Any way i have know idea why, but i have a need to use the phone all te time or text people. I tell them all my problems and how i am feelin. The other day i felt so down i kept texting hubby and work, to te point he was ready for walking out of work.

I wish i had not told every one my business and now it has made me feel like just running away through embarresment. Every one says i over analyse stuff. Please guys how do i stop doin this. To top it off i do not see to be reading what has been said properly then i read it all wrong and react. I am so confused do not even know how to start healing and stopping these things.

mADD mike
02-14-09, 11:26 AM
Over-analyzing is the story of my life. If you have a hyperactive mind, it is more likely to think on every little aspect of things. In fact, you are probably over-analyzing what you yourself are doing right now, feeling embarrassed and blowing it out of proportion in your own mind.

How do you "fix" it? Just be yourself, and be happy with that. Accept yourself for who you are at the core. Let people into your life that accept you as you are, and shut out those that make you feel bad for being who you are. Work on growing as a person and being a better person at your core, but don't worry about all of the little idiosyncrasies that you display. They are part of what makes you, you.

I'm much the same way at times, though I tend to keep my problems to myself, but that's just me. I'm always wanting to "fix" myself, as if there is something wrong with me. There isn't, see my thread on perfectionism.

Take care, and just be yourself and realize that you are sufficient, just as you are. You can still reach out to grow, but don't force things. Just live your life, be happy with what you have, and learn things as time goes by.