View Full Version : Health Insurance Covering ADHD Coaching?

02-14-09, 10:42 PM
As a both an ADHD Coach who has been coaching since 2001 and an adult with ADHD who has been researching Adult ADHD Support since 1997 it was always my understanding that health insurance did NOT cover ADHD Coaching. Lately I've been hearing and reading here and there that some health insurance plans are beginning to cover ADHD Coaching.

For those of you who have been able to get ADHD Coaching covered by health insurance:

How did you or your doctor get it covered?

What exactly do they cover?

Do they cover it up front or just reimburse you?

02-15-09, 03:55 AM
I cant speak for all insurance companies, but im pretty sure this is not something covered in you average coverage. However it has been offered to me, under what im assuming is special circumstances full coverage no reinburshment. Only because my Doctor and insurance rep and myself had a sit down and discussed further options for treatment. This is a long term disability claim, and a complex situation. I have not taking them up on the offer at this time.