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02-16-09, 08:54 AM
hi all

I am on dexamphetamine and just moved fromn austrlia to nz

My dr in aust prescribed me enough dex for 6-7 tabs per day and has put in a note to the nz drs that I needed when imoved here to get it prescribed here, that he thought i might need 'up to 9 tabs a day'

(this is the 5mg tbs)

I have found that i seem, to build tolderance to it pretty fast. when i first tried it (after ritalin made me weepy and wore off so fast I felt like i was on a rollercoaster), one 5 mg tab m,ade a noticeable different in focus and mood (I get really angry/depressed as part of my adhd) however it took hardly any time before this amount climbed

My Dr here wont prescribe over 30mg (6 tabs) a day

is that a normal amount, a high amount or a low amount?

and if I am building tolerance I guess my other question is, even if my Dr would increase my dose, whats to stop me just needing more and more and more.. and then getting addicted?!

Can anyone who has been on dexamphetamine for a long time give me some feedback on their dose and whethter it increased much to start with and whether that tapers off?

cos if i just keep needing more and more and more, well obviously thats not going to work.

Is there anything I can do to make it work more effectively or to not become tolerant to it?

I should mention that I tend to need a high dose of any medication that is more effective as the dose increases (have had iv sedation 4 times been told i wouldnt remember a thing, at least 2 of those times given 150% or more of usual dose and still remembered things which surprised the hell out of the Dr after). Also I find pain killers etc last 2 hrs tops and i need a very high dose compared to other ppl

am I just not absorbing the medication / all medication very well?

Its a bit depressing as at the moment I have to either take the 6 pills a day and never really feel its efrfective properly

or take 4-5 days and feel its effective and go without for the next two (as my Dr makes me refill the prescription once a week)

I hate that these medications are abused,m because the people that pay for that abuse are those of us who actually need the medication. My Dr treats me as though I am sme sort of drug addict about to go build a P lab when I ask for my meds.... it sucks that if you have adhd you are treated like a potential criminal just for wanting the medication that gets you to half way the normality everyone else takes for granted.

anyone else frustrated by the fact that out medication is so tightly controlled? Like I do understand why... but hello - its not my fault people abuse stimulants and I have adhd :( if it isnt enough spending your whole life at fault for adhd behaviour, u finally get diagnosed and then feel at fault every time you ask for medication.

02-16-09, 06:01 PM
I take 40 mg a day of Dex IR (20 mg in the morning and 20 mg about 4-5 hours later). I think this is pretty standard for adults. Some people take up to 60 mg a day, and some people need as little as 20 mg. It all depends. I'm a small person with a slow metabolism, but I adjust to stimulants quickly.

02-17-09, 12:59 AM
Hi Kimmy,,,,

I have taken Dexadrine for well over a year and several months into it I was switched from the tablets to the capsule which is a time delayed/slow release version of the tablets,,, I take from 45 - 60mg/day,,, I usually only take 45 though. I take 2, 30mg first thing in the morning and another 1, 15mg in the early afternoon. I found I shook like crazy and felt my heart racing if I took all 3 at once and I don't dare drink caffeinated coffee when I'm taking these either.

Your body is unique to you and everyone reacts differently to things, so take things in stride. I don't find the effect has lessened over time with Dex, or like I need to take more of them... but that could be unique to me/you. I find that it doesn't really do anything as far as my ADD goes but it definitely helps with my feeling so sleepy all day everyday like I used to and it does help with my mind as far as not feeling like I want to eat steady all day long.... My eating disorder specialist also suspected I had sleep apnea which contributed to my chronic tiredness and he was correct. Now I also have to use a CPAP machine when I sleep- talk about not feeling sexy!

I hope this helps you, please feel free to ask me more if you'd like to.

All the best,

02-19-09, 09:07 AM

you guys seem to not be getting tolerance....but also on way higher doses than me (I think I need around 45,g/day and am on 30mg/day cos my nz Dr wont prescribe more)

They are now prescribed by a GP who has admitted no experience with adhd

I suspect he is prescribing based only on fear and visions of me cooking it up into ice/p etc LOL - He prescribes the lowest dose and has stipulated i have to pick it up week by week - which is a major pain cos i am out of work and its a $10 drive to the pharmacy. why i understand his concerns cos it is a drug open to abuse - i feel as though I am being treated like a drug addict when i ahve done nothing wrong (unless I choose to have adhd??)

In NZ a specialist has to recommend the drug be prescribed before a gp can prescribe. In WA only a limited number of specialists can prescribe and they cannot pass this onto a gp by proxy.

But here, the specialist has looked at the notes from my DR in Australia and said yeah thats fine - continue her script... to me that in itself is dodgy but when I asked when I would be actually seeing this specialist (thinking his initial prescription was simply to keep me on my meds till he could see me) i found out he apparently has no plan to actually see me at all!!!

seem ludicrious to me

on once side my gp acts like I might be some sort of drug addict or p lab person for wanting dex, and prescribes me the lowest dose despite knowing nothing about ADHD (and having a letter from my aussie dr saying he was prescribing up to 7/day with expectation i might go up to 9 (5mg tabs)/day)

and on the other side there is this specialist - also cautious about presrcibing....supposedly..... yet happy to dish out controlled stimulants to a patient without ever once meeting them???!! WTF??!

Is it just me and my adhd... or is that system kinda f--ked?

WA, Australia is reputed i am told to be very restricted to get adhd meds (where I was diagnosed) but now I am thinking maybe that is actually making it easier for us adhd ppl... in that the restrictions means that u dont get it at all unless you definately need it... but if you do need it, then your physicial is able to prescribe as he/she sees fit.... and does so after seeing you and talking to you, rather than this nz system of handing my gp a script and refusing to even see me - then treating me like some sort of potential drug lab.... if they think i might be like that - why doesnt my specialist want to actually see me?????

anyone else here in nz with adhd and on meds?

shoud I maybe post a thread separately about nz and adhd....

so far to me the system here seems to be far more interested in saving money and time, and avoiding bad publicity re stimulant prescribing, than it does with thoroughly assessing patients with/for adhd.... (which if you ask me leaves the system far more open to abuse)

02-19-09, 10:14 AM
Doctors have their own choice as to how much they will prescribe. Some are way more liberal than others.

When I was on Dexedrine I was on 60 mg a day- 45 mg of sustained release and 15 mg of IR.

I didn't find that too high at all. But I had been taking 60 mg Adderall IR for a few years prior to it.

02-19-09, 01:39 PM
I've used adderall since I was 17, and at a dose of 10mg x 2 per day. I now use dex 5mg x2 per day and it works fine. I only use it 3 days per week.

02-20-09, 02:47 AM
In WA only a limited number of specialists can prescribe and they cannot pass this onto a gp by proxy.
that's not quite right. while a specialist medical practitioner such as a psychiatrist or pediatrician is only allowed to initially prescribe stimulant medication, a GP can become a co-prescriber (see below).

i'm prescribed the maximum allowed for an adult, which is 60 mgs (12 x 5mg tables per day. i've been on dex for over 4 years and have not noticed any tolerance. in fact, i use less now than i did when i first started.

like you, i have concerns about tolerence and addiction. but according to the literature on ADHD medication, there is little to worry about.

Stimulant Regulatory Guidelines
Registration of Prescribers

A medical practitioner must apply to the Department of Health and obtain a unique Stimulant Prescriber Number (SPN) to initiate treatment with a stimulant drug.

To apply for a SPN, a medical practitioner must be registered with the Medical Board of Western Australia and be recognised as having specialist qualifications as a paediatrician, paediatric neurologist, neurologist, thoracic medicine physician, rehabilitation physician, psychiatrist, child and adolescent psychiatrist or other approved qualification as determined by the Commissioner of Health.... Authorised stimulant prescribers may nominate a medical practitioner (usually a general practitioner (GP)) to co-prescribe a stimulant medicine for a particular patient.

As at 31 December 2007 there were 245 authorised stimulant prescribers in Western Australia. Paediatricians made up one third of stimulant prescribers (n=81, 33.1%), and half of all authorised stimulant prescribers were psychiatrists (n=123, 50.2%).... There were 1,088 medical practitioners who were nominated as co-prescribers for adults.

Department of Health. (2008). Western Australian Stimulant Regulatory Scheme 2007 Annual Report. Western Australia: Pharmaceutical Services Branch, Health Protection Group, Department of Health.

03-02-09, 11:21 AM
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR DOCTOR MAKES YOU GET A WEEKS WORTH AT A TIME! How insulting! The ministry of health and medsafe guidelines clearly state class B1 controlled substances are a 28 day supply on a triplicate prescription, no refills, scripts written by the prescriber in person.

It sounds like your doctor's making a pretty buck off your supposed P Lab. Clipping the ticket each week you get a new script.

Whereabouts in NZ do you live? If you live in Auckland (I don't), there is plently of choice, shop around for a decent GP who will give you the respect any human being deserves.

On a side note, maybe it would worth seeing a private psycharitrist, for confirmation of your disorder (which you already know you have, however it helps your next GP to take you seriously); but mostly because they have alot of experience with psychopharmaceticals and their theraputic doses. He or she may be able to help you get your dosage and timing just so, and help to minimize any tolerance. They may possibly add some extended release dex in the mix as well as IR. A psycharitrist will know a whole world more about ADHD and its treatment than your GP ever could.

If you are in Auckland you could try Glen Stenhouse, he is a child psychologist, but I think he also works with ADHD adults too.

Glen Stenhouse - Child Psychologist
102 Great South Rd


I am on 35 mg a day, works well for me? I need it to sleep proper even.
Give me a message if you wanna chat to a NZer.

03-04-09, 06:33 AM
Well it used to be FDA~1960s guidlines up to 30mg for depression, weightloss, alcoholism.60mg for Narcolepsy. Things have changed thou I was scripted 10mg 2x a day for a short while, but know someone whos on 80mgs16 tabs a day, and after his consumption of 17 years, they last 2 weeks.

Averages for regular adullts would be~30mg a dayDownunder/UK,~60mgs USA?

03-04-09, 10:09 PM
I think it's already been said but it just depends on the individual doctor for the most part, when talking about doses. You can always change doctors if you want.

Where you live also plays a part in average/max doses. In Australia (and I'm assuming NZ as well) the doses are typically lower than those prescribed in USA. 30mg a day in Australia would be considered to be in the standard dose range, maybe slightly higher than normal.

Some people need more, some less - some doctors realise this, some don't.

I've been on dex. for a while. I found that once I reached 10mg twice a day I didn't need to go any higher. I've actually reduced it since then.

Be aware that too high a dose of stimulant can appear to be not enough in people with ADD. I did try 15mg twice a day once or twice and my ADD symptoms actually increased, I was more restless, couldn't pay attention, impulsive. You can get it into your head that you need a certain dose when you might actually be better on less.

Something that's interesting - on the side of the sigma brand dexamphetamine tablets it says

DOSE: Take 5 to 10mg morning and midday or as directed by physician.

I wonder why they even bother putting a reccomended dose on there when it varies so widely.

03-06-09, 12:06 PM
I take up to 15 mg at the most. Usually 5 mg x 2 per day. I only use it 2-3 days per week.

D.B. Cooper
03-08-09, 08:32 PM
30 - 40mg over a day for an adult seems average from reading this board over the years.

03-12-09, 01:13 AM
Hey there, I'm in NZ and also on Dexamphetamine...was only diagnosed about 9mths ago and right now I'm on 30mg/day so 10mgs 3x daily. I'm in Auckland and there is an amazing doctor here that I switched to from my original psychiatrist. He is a GP but also an ADHD specialist and has a huge amount of knowledge of ADHD and has treated me with nothing but respect, and that includes my husband who is also ADHD and a former addict now on the methadone program. He is scripted generic ritalin for his ADHD. The doc who is scripting you now sounds like a typical doc who is great at treating flu symptoms but has no idea or even care about the brain. Check out my docs website - hope u find it useful....he has helped me alot.

FYI: In NZ there are only 3 meds available for ADHD - dexamphetamine (5mg tabs only), generic methylphenidate (Rubifen) either IR or SR and Concerta (long acting Ritalin). Not exactly spoilt for choice hey!

03-12-09, 08:30 PM
Hey guys,

Just found this site, was looking around, saw this thread, and decided it was perfect to pop my forum cherry! First post here...

Anyways, the dosage a person needs entirely depends on a persons physical/chemical make-up. How much they weigh, how easily/much their organs absorb chemicals, etc. And the body does gain tolerance to Dex the longer you are on it.

I have been on 5mg Dex for about 5 or 6 years now, if I remember correctly, I believe I started at 30mg per day (3 tabs, twice a day), now, 5-6 years later I am at 100-125mg per day (5 tabs, 4-5 times a day).

I don't imagine any doctor in their right mind would ever voluntarily prescribe someone such a high amount, but over the years I have raised the dosage myself whenever I felt the dose I was at was ineffective. So my Doctor really had/has no choice, because anything less is useless.

I have recently switched from the 5mg tabs to taking the slow-release capsule (I was forced to, due to a halt on the manufacturing of the tabs), and I find them to be a horrible substitute. Not nearly the same effect. I think my body is just used to the injection of high-dosed fast action tabs a few times a day, but now all it's getting is smaller doses spread out evenly over a longer period of time. So I have been feeling tired and absent minded. I hope they start manufacturing the 5mg tabs again soon, or I'm screwed!

04-10-09, 03:54 PM
kimmyh51 - Yes the system is ****wed up and n, no Average dose.... It all depends on the individual, and yes , again... the system is bull****. I too have to pick up weekly simply because I am on a "high dose" 3x4 5mg daily..... Any way My Dr is pretty cool, I'm his "highest Dose" paitent and even he getts ****ed at the burockracy of it all, But yeah the main pain is the going every week to get em, Like I have a life.. or had a life until I had to start planning around that one day I have to been in town to pick up, so come holidays and wanting to go away can be a pain and if i ask for early pick up from the chemist he just cracks a ****\treats me like a junkie, so O dont know of what use this post is other than to shre my dose and agree with the system being F#@$%^$%#!!! .... Script Should equal - respectful service\delivery of a medication we require, NOT script contains amphetamines, treat paitent as hostile potential abuser\cook\reseller..... ****, im sure theres more viagra beinng resold or abused that dex\ritalin or what ever you Americans call them all..... So anyway I'm not the best poster here and tend to ramble on so yiperdee yiperdee ythats all folks. Hit me bak if i can help some more or you just wanna pay me out a little,,,,

04-10-09, 05:25 PM
is generic Adderall where the bottle says D-Amphetamines the same thing as Dexetrine?

04-10-09, 08:43 PM
Hi Burning...

...maybe someone else can help out with this, but I believe that D-Amphetamines refers to a "class" of pharmacological drugs.

If I remember correctly, my Adderall prescription was labeled D-Amphetamine Salt Combo and my Dex is labeled as Dextroamphetamine (substituted for Dextrostat and also commonly referred to as Dexedrine).

I hope that helps some, but that is all I have.

04-12-09, 04:14 PM
generic adderall is labeled as amphetamine salts combo or amphetamine mixed salts

generic dexedrine, on the other hand, is called dextroamphetamine sulfate (or for short for d-amphetamine)

04-12-09, 04:58 PM
Mine says D-Amphetimines but my doctor told me it was generic adderal. Also it says use in place of adderall. Is this dexadrine?

04-12-09, 05:00 PM
whats the dose and IR OR ER?

also whats the pill look like?

04-12-09, 05:17 PM
its instant release, little blue cirlces and they are 10mg

04-12-09, 08:32 PM
you have generic adderall by a manufacturer called barr. i've had those before. its a mixed of dextroamphetamine, levoamphetamine with other racemic salts

04-18-09, 03:36 AM
I've been on Dex for 22 months now I started on a doesage of 15-20 mg a day 3-4 * 5 mg tablets as needed.

I increased that to 25-30mg a day 5-6 * 5 mg after consultation and agreement from my specalist at about the 1 years mark as I noticed that I was getting hyper foucused on certain issues.

Recently (within the last 2 weeks) I have realised that I have been under medicating myself for about the last 6 months as my emotional control had vanished and hyperfocus on some negative issues had managed to sneak back.

The last 10 days I have been taking 7-10 * 5 mg 35-50mg and have found my emotional control has been amazingly improved. Becuase I have a AF and have had heart fialure in the not to distant past I'm almost paranoid about the impact on my heart.

So Monday night the first moment I felt a twinge and some tightness I was in Casualty and straped onto a ECG. Surprisingly to me despite running 5 ECG's over a 6 hr period there was no impact at all on my heart rate or rythm (it is natually irregular) even after I took a final doesage of 3 tablets.

04-18-09, 10:59 AM
so what might the equivilent of 120mg of adderall ir be to how much dex? :confused:

05-12-09, 07:49 PM
so what might the equivilent of 120mg of adderall ir be to how much dex? :confused:

I believe that Adderall is about 75% dex. So 90mg would be the equivalent.

05-12-09, 10:44 PM
hi im new to adhd land.I take 2.5mg 3-4 X a day-but ive just started dosing one week ago. My body weight is smallish-56kg & i tend to be quite sensitive to medications.

Im new to Dex and adhd treatment and i am blown away at how confident my specialist adhd doctor is about Dex/anti-depressant combo-treament working for me.i hope i dont get 2 high a tolerance-dex is pretty toxic.if u eat/sleep well shld combat that thgh.

Ive had a brain photo Spect test done,so its great to have something concrete to work with . Pre-diagnosis for decades i was clasping at straws,just bouncing off of a myriad of psychological diagnosies /treatments/groups.Spending thousands of $'s on useless self-help/guru books,their wisdom/advice would wear off like perfume. My adhd mind could just not internalise this help.
I ended up depressed,neurotic & severely socially fun hey.

My Spect scan results showed anomalies frm adhd/ptsd and early marijuana use- the latter not definite,will have to research more.Maybe adhd can take all the credit for my schewed state!.
Anyway im thinking much more clearly now-which is sooo sweet.I'm waiting for the catch!i take mellatonin 2 sleep- still finding zzzing wary of benzos.

With dosing my doct is admant i dose 4 times a day,to keep the plasma levels of Dex at a constant even keel.Ive only been on it a week so will see.The Pristiq compliments it well,( i tried Dex on its own 3 wks ago-and not productive for moi.)but have heard s.n.r.i's mightnt be gd wth dex?

Thanks folks im in australia-theres a great adhd doctor in Toorak if anyone needs.cheers frm bus

05-17-09, 01:42 PM
i take 25mg in the morning (15mg capsol & a 10mg capsol)
i used to take tabblets in the afternoon but i stopped

12-24-10, 11:33 AM
The standard maximum dose of Dexamphetamine is 30 mg /day.
The maximum safe dose is 60 mg /day.

Basically there is a lot less paperwork involved for the doc to obtain authority for 30 mg /day.
If the doc wants to prescribe more than 30 mg /day then he /she must reapply to the health department and a second opinion must be obtained by you from an independent Doc.

Also, this procedure needs to be repeated every 6 months.

08-28-14, 03:11 AM
i have several theories which may enlighten yo
I myself have a high tollerance to drugs. From my experience the harder you push your neuro transmitters the weaker they become. you may have relied to heavilly on drugs in the past to give you satisfaction, which leaves time for loss of discipline and drug dependence. thats a harsh look i must admit. other things might include a substantial amount of negative thinking patterns and bad habits. so if your lke me youve underestimated life and now your stuck with a mind that is broken and onl. y a constant cycycle of drugs is the only way of maintaining your stamina. this is just at recount of my experience but it may be useful. i and finding would recommend cyclingjust likother ways and hobbies whoch satisfy your minds restless m junkieith steroidssterpids minds restlessness. get away from the psych qorld and have a break. But o.ce agaon its ypu we,re talking about. so its up to you to fig iure out ways to ease a hyperactive mon

08-28-14, 08:15 AM
pretty much agree...

which leaves time for loss of discipline and drug dependence

can you explain this bit a bit more... your saying that the mind is trained to "feed" itself...

aka demand more sooner etc...?

I pretty much "get" what your saying... about the habitual and thinking side of the dosages / medicines...

that said... surprisingly... i haven't encountered that with dex... although... supplimenting with coffee is i guess a tendancy in the same league...

so your talking about two things really...

-habitual dosing
-outlook effects...

definately agree with the latter... and the effects of excercise on both..... though i think ones "need" is perhaps a variable thing..... definately a factor... but feel people might sense, experience... resolve.... a lil more broadly.... agree still tho'

09-12-14, 01:36 PM
My doc won't go over 40mg per day even though I've been there for a year and have plateaued. Her logic is I will never be able to beat the tolerance so there's no point in going higher because it will become inneffective anyways.

She's also paranoid about giving more than the recommended max which is 40 per day because she says she'll get flagged. Her answer to my anxiety due to dexedrine crashes every day was a benzodiazepine as opposed to more dexedrine. That kind of blows my mind.

Finding a new doc would be a huge pain because no one will give me more than 40mg right off the bat. It would be more bs'ing for a couple of months before they can trust me. Also I've had doctors tell me flat out that dexedrine will never be an option because they think it's so much more evil than adderall.

I don't have the patience to deal with that none sense. So yah, I'm capped at 40 of dex, she did say I could have 60 of adderall instead if I wanted, no thanks. 40 of dex is still better than 60 of adderall.

dag nab it
09-13-14, 10:39 AM
I take about 20 mg a day - depending on what I'm doing.

It does not provide full day coverage, so if I'm working on something and want to continue through into the evening, I take an additional small dose. On days when I sleep in, or just want to relax, I take less. Also, a lower dose is fine for some work - but paperwork requires a higher dose. I guess I could just take a higher dose all of the time, but that would affect my sleep at night.

12-07-17, 12:16 AM
shoud I maybe post a thread separately about nz and adhd....

Please do. I have had so many troubles since I started on the medication about a year & a half ago. Not with the medications, or the side effects, but with the availability of the drug, the stigma of its use, the stigma of ADHD itself, the hoops required just to get a script each month, and the random drug testing that is never done with informed consent or respect for patient rights. I know my rights & I know they are breaching them, but how is it going to look if I start refusing random drug screens? They tell me I have to complete it before I leave the office that day or I don't get my script. I'm qualified enough to know that this makes very little sense, I've never failed a compliance test. But more importantly people with ADHD are at far greater risk of use/abuse of other drugs, and treatment with stimulant medications has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the amount by which that occurs. So if a doctor finds an illicit drug at a random drug screening, in an ADHD person, you'd think the last thing they ought to think is sensible is to immediately withdraw their prescription. The fact is, there is way too much stigma about P (methamphetamine) drummed up by the media, I doubt those who actually use that stuff with the lightbulb could ever feel secure/comfortable enough to seek help for it given the way they are portrayed in society. Half of them are probably self medicating for undiagnosed ADHD, and perhaps if they got the help they needed they'd be able to take a medical dose, free of whatever other stuff might be in the gunk they buy in the street, under full supervision of a medical professional, and who knows they mightn't ever smoke from a light bulb again? Our system is riddled with problems, and I could rant all day about them. But I'll do that in the NZ & ADHD thread (hoping you created/are going to create it). Sorry for re-hashing an old thread also, but this is too important not to.