View Full Version : maltesser chocolate surprise

03-13-03, 07:42 AM
heres a yummy desert for u
Even if u dont like custard try this, u dont taste the custard!!
i call this: maltesser chocolate surprise!!
u need: 2pkts choc chip cookies, 3 tins of custard, 2 lrge bars of dairy milk chocolate(has to be dairy milk caburarys), lrge whipping cream, pure orange juice,and lrge pkt maltessers.

melt the chocolate, when melted take of the heat and quickly
add in 2 tins of custards, layer bottom of ur sevring bowl with choc chip cookies that u have dipped both sides in the orange juice, pour some of the choc/custard on top, layer again with dipped choc chip cookies and pour remaining choc/custard on top.
whip ur cream the mix in last tin of custard to cream, pour on top and put into fridge just before u serve put all ur maltessers on top and enjoy!!!!! This is soo yummy its a must try!!!