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02-17-09, 08:25 AM
I've been on ADHD medication for 5 months now. I can concentrate on tasks for a long time now, its just that I concentrate on the wrong things when I should be studying or doing school work. An adviser at school told me thats a common trait for people with ADHD, to procrastinate until the last minute and thats exactly what im doing even on the medication. I play Chess for 4-6 hours at a time sometimes, or incessently check facebook or watch the markets for silly changes for hours (im in grad school for economics and went to undergrad for psyche). But I like studying these changes and trying to understand patterns etc. I'm starting to believe I could be a little obsessive compulsive mentally and I wasn't this way before the medication. I could never do the things I do for the amount of time I spend on things now, but I have the urge to do the wrong things now more than ever.

Dexedrine wakes me up, otherwise I feel like my mind is in a fog and a little apathetic to be honest. On it I feel engaged, I talk faster, and am able to brush away thoughts/ideas that would other distract me and derail my train of thought. Dex for me is like a cup of coffee to normal people but I still have that trait I probably picked up in the last 27 years of not being on medication; to postpone everything until the last minute.

There was one strategy I read about that involved setting "mini-deadlines" so you can put your back against the wall over a spread out time, but that hasn't worked for me (yet). The best thing I've found from my short experience is to think positively and realistically. For example, when working on something I tell myself "I might not get as far as I like, or I might not even finish this today but I can write or read a x amount." But it HAS to be realistic number. The reason the article said this helps is because ppl with ADHD generally tend to beat themselves up. I think its true because this tactic has worked for me so far, but I want to improve and find others.

Any advise?

09-18-13, 10:13 AM
When I want to do something "big", I always fail to do it. I don't even do it at all.
But when I think I'll just do it a small piece of it. I can do a lot. LoL

09-18-13, 02:01 PM
I am a duck.

You know that little ducks imprint on their mother and follow her around. And you know that if their mother is not there, they will imprint on a person, or a toaster on wheels, or just about anything they can follow and treat as their mother.

On medication, when I start something, I tend to "just go". I don't get distracted as much. Good for me, right? Not if I'm typing on here when my dose kicks in - because then I might stay all day!

A big way you can help yourself is to have your to-do list for each day prepared the night before. It doesn't matter if it's the same as yesterday, prepare it anyway. (On paper, phone, computer, whatever is your "favourite weapon".) When your meds are kicking in, arrange your life so that your list will be in front of you, and your first task ready to go, instead of a chess board. If you and me, like two little ducklings, imprint on the wrong thing for the day, we might end up following it around like it was our mommy, until our medication wears off and we say "Why did I do that???". :)