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03-13-03, 02:32 PM
King Ranch Chicken

Here what you need

1whole chicken
1can of cream of mushroom
1can of rotel
1can of cream of chicken
1small onion(opt)
1tsp of chili powder (opt)
salt and pepper to taste
1 lb of mild cheaddar chesse
12corn tortillas

OK first boil chicken , and debone , Add all the wet ,and chil poder ingredients in a mixing bowl add chilipowder and mix well, I then add chicken to ingredients too . then get your casserole dish and dunk 6 of your corn tortillas in chicken broth from boiled chicken line 6 on bottom and add half of your wet mix and chicken add half of the cheese and do the remainder 6 tortillas on top of that and mix , top with remainder of cheese bake in oven 30 minutes to warm

I also sometimes sautee some onions in mine but you dont have to . its really good , taste like chicken enchiladas to me , make a salad and french bread and voila a good meal . Hope yall enjoy .

Kids love this too !!! yummy