View Full Version : Strawberry Shortcake Pudding

02-18-09, 07:51 PM
Here's another cheap and easy recipe that's not loaded with too many calories:p

2 packets of strawberry mousse pudding mix
1 packet of plain sweet biscuits (of your choice)
1 punnet or frozen or fresh strawberries

Mix the pudding mixes as directed, then crush up the whole packet of biscuits, then chop up the fresh or forzen strawberries and the add to the strawberry pudding mix and lastly chill until ready to serve.

Serve with Icecream or Cream.



02-20-09, 10:35 PM
You had me at strawberry!!! Then I saw cheap and easy -Woo Hoo! Then not too many calories, you have got to be kidding me. This is all good and I am going to make it soon! :D

EDIT: Okay, so I am a little melodramatic tonight! :/

02-27-09, 05:26 PM
Ha ha ha...good on you, I hope enjoy it darl

02-27-09, 06:09 PM
silly question but just checking, the crumbled biscuits go into the pudding mix with the fruit yes??

I'm loving this, going shopping tomorrow looks like I'll be adding this to the list :D

03-02-09, 06:23 PM
Yes you put in the fruit and biscuits in the pudding mix together..enjoy